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Circus Skills

Our circus skills program encapsulates classes that benefit almost any other program (i.e., conditioning and flexibility) while also specializing in specific skills (i.e., juggling).

Classes at Urban Evolution

None of our Circus Skills classes require any Intro class. Some may have age requirements. Circus Skill classes are great for cross-training all of our programs and focus on improving overall strength, flexibility, and mobility, with certain classes having more emphasis on particular aspects:

  • Contortion & Flexibility (ages 9+)

    • This class will challenge your body with stretching exercises to improve mobility and flexibility, strength, and body awareness.

  • Circus Conditioning (ages 9+)

    • Circus conditioning is a class where we focus on building strength, endurance, and some flexibility. This class will benefit anyone, especially those interested in gymnastics or aerial silks.

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