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Single sesssion


Classes a la carte for flexible budgets and schedules. Can be used for classes or open gym sessions.

Punch card


A bundle of 10 classes for $270. (That's one class free!)

One month


One month of unlimited classes for $170. Auto-renew is optional; cancel anytime.

Annual membership


Annual membership discounted to $135 per month. Auto-renews so you don't have to worry. Contact us to sign up.



Every participant will need a signed waiver and their own profile. Parents/guardians will need to create their own accounts so they can add family members and sign a waiver on behalf of any minors. You can create an account without buying any classes or memberships by selecting "student register" or following the link below.

Click here to be taken to our account creation page!


WhICH class do I start with?

We organize our classes by age and by band level. Students are eligible to receive their first level at age 9 or older. Ages 6-8 are placed in slightly more play-based, while still offering structure and challenge, classes called "Nano" (Parkour) or "Family" (Aerial Silks). If your child is aged 6-8, you'll be looking for one of those classes on our calendar.

In general, most of our classes require an introductory class regardless of previous experience or athletic ability. Classes for ages 6-8 do not require any intro class.

For more in-depth information, see our FAQ or click one of the programs listed below for more information about a specific program.

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