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Heroes & Villains Performer Registration

Deadline to register: May 11

Registration fee covers the costs of running the showcase. Also included in registration:

  • Both rehearsals - at least one rehearsal is required to attend. Attending both is recommended. (Rehearsal dates: May 12 and May 25)

  • Afterparty

  • Two tickets for family/friends + discount code for additional tickets

  • Exclusive merch

  • Discounted private lesson package for choreography/practice time

Total $65

Ready to register?

  1. Pay registration fee

  2. Fill out the performer signup form


I want to perform multiple routines. Do I need to register more than once?

No. Registration is per person, not per performance. You are welcome to perform multiple routines.

When are the dress rehearsals and what is involved?

Dress rehearsals will be on May 12 and May 25 (time TBA). Please wear your costume and makeup because this will be a test run for your costume. We will also take some photos during this time.

Costume restrictions?

All of the usual restrictions apply - NO studs, jewelry, exposed zippers, or anything that can catch on the silks. Zippers must be hidden. Feel free to ask if you are unsure. If your costume involves body paint, please make sure it is sealed to minimize paint rubbing onto the silk. No glitter.

General guidelines/recommendations for costumes: there are some wardrobe decisions that are not encouraged in normal practice, but can work for performances. Exposed skin (i.e., wearing shorts or a crop top) may result in irritated skin. Socks or tights will be difficult to climb in. We recommend finding "grippy" or mesh options.

What is the afterparty? Can I invite people?

The afterparty takes place after the show, at the gym. There will be food, drinks, socializing, and games. When you submit your signup form, there will be a field for dietary restrictions.


All performers are invited to the afterparty for free. You will get two free tickets for friends/family and those can join the afterparty for free as well. More people can join for a $5 cover charge.

I liked the virtual option. What are my options for joining the showcase that way?

If you cannot or do not want to perform live, we are still including the option to record a video privately. Your video will be played on our projector screen during the show.

What's the practice time going to be?

You will be able to use any of the following for your routine practice:

  • Supervised practice classes

  • Open gym sessions

  • Free time at the end of class

  • Private lessons

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