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Press Start: October 2023 student showcase

To perform in our showcase, please sign up to let us know you will be participating, and then you just have to sign up to record your routine. Our current showcases are streamed online to make the showcase more accessible for both performers and friends & family who want to watch the show.

Step 1: Fill out the signup form here Sign up deadline: October 15

Step 2: Book your recording session below

For recording, we offer both private and group recording sessions. After your video is filmed, we will also take up to 5 photos. You will receive your individual video and photos via email.

Private recording session

This session includes 1 hour to warm up, film, and take photos. To book a private session, click here to go to our online scheduler.

Group recording session

In a group recording session, we divide the amount of time equally (up to 5 performers per 2-hr session). Below is the list of sessions. Click the date listed to be taken to that registration page.

Theme: Video Games

Pick your character, song, and have fun with it!

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