What is Urban Evolution?

We believe in having a good time while working out! We think the most effective ways to get in shape involve doing things your body was meant to do, and doing it in a way that’s actually fun. And by fun, we don’t mean it’ll always be perfectly pleasant. We mean it’ll be hard work, and you’ll get sweaty. But our brand of fitness will help you do things better in the real world. Read More..

The latest news and updates from the gyms!

  • Still need more parkour after Beast Coast? Come to UE for our parkour jam sleepover afterparty. Runs from 8pm to 11am the next day + includes free food.

    $10 for the Jam from 8pm to midnight (all ages!)
    $20 for the Jam from 8pm to midnight plus overnight stay until 11am the next day!

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  • Aerial Showcase

    Aerials Showcase 2018

    May 20th 2018 at 7pm

    Please join us for our fantasy-themed Aerials Showcase at Urban Evolution!  Register as a participant or a spectator and enjoy the show.

    We know that each of you has your own unique set of abilities, and you are not alone so come and gather to explore each others stories and talents.

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  • We’re teaming up with The Little Goat Farm on the Lake to bring you… GOAT PARKOUR.  Also known as Goatkour, we are bringing some baby goats from The Little Goat Farm to play with us at the gym.  You are invited to come meet them, partner up for an obstacle/relay race, and participate in some supervised open gym. 

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  • Interested in doing something different and exciting for Valentine’s Day this year? Come to Urban Evolution for our seventh annual Acro Sutra, our unique couples’ Acro Balancing workshop. It’s very beginner friendly and a lot of fun! February 11th, 2018, from 6pm-10pm (with some time to socialize, eat hors d’oeuvres, and drink bubbly afterwards)! … Read more



So maybe you’ve heard of parkour before, and even seen some pictures or videos labeled as parkour,


Freerunning is a sister discipline to parkour, with a goal of complete freedom of movement.


Aerial Silks is a challenging gymnastic workout focused on the upper body and core.

Private Training


Want some one-on-one training to help boost your Parkour, Aerials, Gymnastics, or strength training to the next level? Let Urban Evolution show you how to up your game! You’ll jump higher, climb better, and twist and flip better than anyone else on the playground, at your office, or in line at the movie theater!

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