What is Urban Evolution?

We believe in having a good time while working out! We think the most effective ways to get in shape involve doing things your body was meant to do, and doing it in a way that’s actually fun. And by fun, we don’t mean it’ll be pleasant or perfectly safe. We mean it’ll be hard work, and you’ll get sweaty. But our brand of fitness will help you do things better in the real world. Read More..

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So maybe you’ve heard of parkour before, and even seen some pictures or videos labeled as parkour,


Freerunning is a sister discipline to parkour, with a goal of complete freedom of movement.


Aerial Silks is a challenging gymnastic workout focused on the upper body and core.

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But you’ll also learn to do things that someone who spends years going to their $40-a-month Globo-Gym just won’t be able to do, because we teach functional fitness. If you work out your muscles on various machines for years and get totally cut, but you still can’t lift a bag of mulch, what’s the point? Our brand of fitness will help you do things better in the real wold.

We don’t need fancy equipment, and there are no tricks. We think you can do it, too. That’s why we’re here! We’ll help you get in shape in a way that fits you best and challenges you every day, every time you come into the gym. You’ll start looking at the world differently. That’s what we’re about, and that’s why we think you’ll love it,

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