Visiting Urban Evolution From Elsewhere?

Getting there is half the fun!

Getting there is half the fun!

We’re completely and totally flattered that you have decided to include Urban Evolution as part of your trip. And we’re happy to say it really is as fun and awesome as we make it look…provided you know what you’re getting yourself into.

I'm an experienced traceur, and I just want to play around.

Yes, once we agree that you’re an experienced traceur! You’ll need to schedule and pass our Green Wristband test to qualify for open gym; once that’s out of the way, the gym is your playground. There is a $30 non-refundable testing fee for any and all non-membersHere’s the link to the meager list of skills you’ll need to demonstrate to us to prove you’re not going to kill yourself in our gyms.

You’ll need to email us at least a week in advance of your trip to DC; we do not allow drop-in testing. So please…don’t even ask in person, because you managed to plan a trip to another city, but you couldn’t be bothered to call 855-NINJAS1 or email Our collective hearts just break for you, dude.

If (as has been known to happen) our opinion of your parkour is lower than your opinion of your parkour, then you are more than welcome to take our Intro to Parkour or our White Band Parkour classes, as our esteemed Council of Ascension & Mergers & Haberdashery deems you fit. Once you’ve been set on your path, we offer drop-in day passes ($20). Again, please do not argue or write angry Yelp! reviews because we said you’re less awesome than you think you are. Our only motivation is to keep you safe. Remember: we do this for a living

I've never done Parkour before (and neither have my kids), but we're super-excited. This looks right up our alley!
Excellent! We’re happy to have you! To start, you’ll need to take one of our Intro to Parkour classes ($40 per person). We have Intro classes for kids ages 9-14, and for adults as well. If you guys all want to do the class together, or if the scheduled class times don’t work for you, email us at and we’ll see if we can help you.
Where are you guys exactly?
For detailed information, click on any of the locations on the “Location” menu above to find the Urban Evolution closest to your destination!
I do Aerials/ Breakdancing / Gymnastics / something you offer that's not Parkour, I'm coming from somewhere else, and I really don't want to do your Level 1 class.
You can schedule an assessment for the program area you’re interested in by emailing THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS TESTING. The assessment is purely to allow us to determine next steps for you based on our take of your skill level and training. Testing to any Level past Intro in our different program areas (Aerials, Gymnastics, Parkour, etc) takes time and most likely many classes. This is not presented to you as a challenge to see who will be the first to test and pass without preparation, but rather as a warning. We hate it when people waste our time. You want us to like you, right? We want to like you, too. So…spend some time, learn what we have to teach.
Can I come in and just do open gym? I just want to rig some equipment and play around.
Sorry, we don’t allow anyone who is not an employee or contractor of the gym to rig any equipment at the gym. And our requirements for open gym are predicated on you attaining Level 2 in whichever program you’re interested in. This is not an easy task and involves a formal test and a non-refundable $30 test fee.
How much does all this cost?
For detailed pricing information, check out our Pricing page, but the summary is: $40 for an Intro class, and $20 for subsequent drop-in visits.
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