“Eat Your Veggies” Class


So you’ve finished the Intro class…now what?

You have a few classes to focus on now: White Band Parkour classes and “Eat Your Veggies.”

What’s this whole Veggies thing about? It’s not nutrition (although we do think you should eat more vegetables…your mother was right). Eat Your Veggies is 50% strength and conditioning, 50% safety and bails.  It’s all the parts of Parkour training that you just can’t get from YouTube (or that most people overlook, because, hey, KONG VAULTS ARE AWESOME!).

The truth is, most of your Parkour training involves failure. And if you practice to fail safely, then your failures don’t hurt at all. In fact, they don’t even interrupt your training, because they’re just part of the training. On the other hand, if you don’t practice how to fail safely, then you’re likely to get hurt. In fact, it’s pretty much guaranteed. So you won’t train very much, you won’t train very hard, and you won’t progress very far, because the hospital stays and negative parental feedback will drive you to think this whole Parkour thing is stupid.

The other side of Veggies is strength and conditioning. We focus on bodyweight exercises that you can do almost anywhere. Being strong doesn’t just make you useful. It also makes you better able to recover from imperfection, as well as better at controlling your movement in your environment.

We want you to keep training, day after day, and discover your true inner ninja. That means doing things that aren’t always fun or pleasant. That’s why we say “There is no easy way.”

Ready to sign up? Start with one of our Intro to Parkour classes at the location nearest you, and then come join us!


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