Injury Prevention and Management Seminar for Parkour – March 19th

Injury Prevention and Management Seminar for Parkour – March 19th

Parkour is a sport fraught with injuries and injuries waiting to happen. Many people think they know how to keep themselves bulletproof, but are often just compounding problems on top of problems. Then, they come to us and ask why their shoulders, knees, etc. are hurting and how to fix it!

On March 19th, Urban Evolution will be offering an injury prevention seminar for all traceurs, members or non-members. This will be a comprehensive two hours of understanding the human body, analyzing common movement compensation patterns in Parkour, and understanding approaches to problem-solving common issues.

Come out and learn…
– The types of injuries the body oncurs
– Common injuries in Parkour and why they happen
– Basic human anatomy and biomechanics
– How to assess the traceur for mobility issues and compensation patterns
– Analysis of Parkour techniques for risky behaviours
– The whens and whys of mobility drills, stretching, “prehabilitation,” and strength training

This seminar is a must for anyone with aches and pains, anyone who wants to last in the game, the older population, and anyone who wants to see their performance skyrocket! Attendance will be capped at 30, so register early!

$5 for all members / $20 for non-members

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