Team Rocket is theatening to take over Urban Evolution!

We need your help putting together a team of Pokemon to defeat Team Rocket. All August long we'll be able to capture Pokemon and earn points toward our goal!

What is UE Go?

UE Go is this summer's Pokemon Go inspired event to encourage students to work together in a fun new way. We've set a goal of 10,000 points or 500 Pokemon captured, whichever happens first, and we'll throw an awesome party to celebrate. The victory party will be free and everyone is invited. (More details to come)

UE Go is a free, optional event for all students taking classes.

How do I earn points and capture Pokemon?

Every student automatically earns 5 points just for attending a class, workshop, private lesson, etc. that will go toward our goal. You don't have to do anything to redeem those, just show up for class and we'll take care of the rest! However, you also have the option to spend those 5 points on three chances to win Pokemon via carnival games! We've set up Pikachu Putt Putt, Poliwhirl Plinko, and Chansey Egg Catch carnival games for the opportunity to win Pokemon.

There will be more ways to earn pointed announced throughout the month!

What happens if we win or lose?

If we succeed in defeating Team Rocket, we will throw a big party! Otherwise, we may or may not have conditioning drills all week... who knows?!

Whatcha waiting for? Help us defeat Team Rocket by coming to class!

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