Why UrbanFit?

Hollow holds are fun!

Why UrbanFit?

Why UrbanFit?  by Erin Haske, UrbanFit Instructor

Hollow holds are fun!

Who likes to do fun stuff?? We do! Urban Evolution offers all sorts of movement programs that make you feel like a kid on the playground again. And we also offer UrbanFit and Bootstraps, programs that look more like traditional gym workouts focused on building muscle strength and size. It’s all part of our secret plan to make you even more awesome than you already are.

At first glance, the UrbanFit programs may not seem like they are as much fun as the other movement programs offered at Urban Evolution. And while they don’t have the “playground” quality, they are both fun and worthwhile in their own right, for so many reasons! Here are our top three reasons why UrbanFit rocks:

  1. You’ll get better at parkour/aerial silks/gymnastics/breakdancing/escaping from zombies!

Parkour Basics In Alexandria

The UrbanFit focus is on making you stronger, more powerful, more flexible, and better able to meet with the physical demands of the other movement programs (or just be strong and fit in general). If your kong vault is escaping you, or you want to be as graceful as the lady in the moon, UrbanFit and Bootstraps will help you on your journey to playing hard.

  1. You’ll get better at life!


UrbanFit is not just about weights – it’s the Urban Evolution strength and conditioning program. That means that not only do we get strong, we also work to improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and power – the things that help you catch yourself if you fall down the stairs, or catch the dog when it runs away. Or get all the groceries from the car to the house in one trip. Isn’t that really what we all aspire to?

  1. It’s fun!


Sometimes there are games! (Yes, for real). Ok, so maybe some people would think that “fun” is not quite the right term. But the UrbanFit and Bootstraps programs are definitely rewarding. We make sure the programs are challenging-but-achievable safe, so you can walk out of class feeling (pleasantly) exhausted and super accomplished! Even if UrbanFit or Bootstraps is all you do, the endorphins are worth the effort.

Three great reasons to get into UrbanFit and Bootstraps, right? I’ll throw in one more, as a bonus:



Just like Urban Evolution as a whole, the UrbanFit classes are welcoming and encouraging – and that comes from every member in class. It’s our job to make you successful, and your success helps motivate others, just as theirs will help motivate you. Lifting, jumping, throwing, and carrying heavy things is so much easier when you have cheerleaders, partners in crime, and someone to commiserate with when it’s all over. Come join the class, see what it’s about, and watch your awesome go through the roof.

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