Tricked-Out Training….”Brrrr-kour”

Tricked-Out Training….”Brrrr-kour”

Tricked-Out Training: Cold Weather Training  
By Morgan Henry

The winter months are upon us, and the freak 70 degree days seem to have finally passed. That means it’s time for the frigid temperatures we have all been dreading, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t train! Here are some tips to keep you warm and safe, even on the coldest days.

 The Clothes.

1: Layers. This is the core concept of outfitting for winter exercise. Multiple layers of relatively light clothing can keep you shockingly warm. The most effective layering combination is to have your inner layers be comprised of tighter moister-wicking polyester type material and to have your outer layers be looser thicker cotton. Imagine the warming potential of an underarmour/longs sleeve tee/short sleeve tee/ sweatshirt combination

2. Mobility. Maintaining full range of motion is a must when training, this pretty much limits you to thick sweatpants and hoodies for an outer layer (No puffy winter jackets or inflexible windbreakers). But remember to make sure the jacket/hoodie you use is free of buttons or zippers, because bumping or rolling on one of these can be very painful. If you have ever wondered why you see so many traceurs with the exact same sweatpants/pullover hoodie combo, this is why.

3: Accessories. WEAR A HAT. You lose heat through your head faster than anywhere else on the body, so having a simple beanie on can be a world of difference. Gloves, however, are much more questionable. Though they do help keep you nice and warm, they decrease your ability to interact with surfaces, and this can be dangerous. I’m hesitant to recommend them unless you feel they are absolutely necessary. And remember those horrendous thick winter socks that Aunt Sue gave you last year? Now you finally have a use for them!


Check Your Surfaces. This is something we say year-around in parkour but it is especially important in winter. This is the time when that little patch of ice sticks around long after the weather has cleared. And remember that “surfaces” includes the ones on your feet as well. Shoe rubber is much less sticky when cold, so watch those walls and rails!
Warm-up. A proper warm-up is a must no matter the temperature, but when it’s cold outside it also means that you will be really suffering when you train without warming up heavily before hand. My favorite way to get warm and stay warm is to run everywhere I go for the day, run when you want to move from one spot to the next and run in place when you are planning out your moves.

These tips are all you need out there in the cold, so no more excuses. Get moving!

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