How To Prevent Ankle Sprains!

How To Prevent Ankle Sprains!

How to Prevent Ankle Sprains!

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One of the most common injuries in Parkour (and in sports training in general) is the ankle sprain. Without care and prevention, it’s relatively easy for a sprained ankle to become a chronic sprain, which is susceptible to re-injury. If you’re not 90% pain-free / have not recovered full range of motion, do not start this program!

Tips and Important Stuff:

Never condition an injured body part. Rest and heal first, THEN start on strength training!

Light exercise for an injured ankle once the initial swelling has subsided will help speed the healing process: walking, not running. Take your time. The gauge here is when you have your joint mobility completely recovered and are almost entirely pain-free (or entirely pain-free).


WEEK 1: (when you’re almost pain-free or entirely pain-free):


  • Calf Raises:


stand on your tip-toes for 10 seconds, then lower to flat feet for 5 seconds, then back to tip-toes for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Then move to one foot. Use your arms for balance, or hold onto a railing or countertop. Raise up to tip-toe again for 10 seconds, then back to flat foot for 5 seconds, then 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.


Do this 3 times a week.


WEEK 2: (again, assuming no additional injury, and you’re entirely pain free):

  • Calf Raises as above
  • Ankle Hops: Bounce in place on both feet 15 times. Then bounce forward and backwards 15 times (1 back and forth = 1 time). Then side-to-side 15 times. You should be breathing a little harder.


Now switch to one foot. Bounce in place 15 times, then forwards and backwards 15 times, then side-to-side 15 times. Now switch feet. Try not to take a break.


WEEK 3 AND BEYOND: (assuming you’re nicely healed and getting stronger)


  • Calf raises


  • Ankle Hops: Same pattern as before, but now 20 hops. Start with both feet, forward and back, side-to-side, and then one foot, then the other. Your ankles and calves will probably be burning when you’re done.


  • And now…walk around your living room (50-60 feet is a good goal) on the outsides of your feet. Then turn your feet inwards and do it again. Then do it on just your heels. Then on just your toes.


Congratulations, you’re getting stronger! You might never sprain your ankle again if you do the week 3 routine every week or two!



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