How’s Tricks- Preparing to Jump Outside…

How’s Tricks- Preparing to Jump Outside…

By your very own Morgan Henry.

Preparing to Jump Outside.

For many of us train in Parkour at the gym it’s easy to get used to the rubber, wood and mats. It’s not long before we are so pampered that we begin to fear the metal and stone that awaits us outside. But it is important to remember that the scary world outside is where parkour lives, we can’t hide from it forever.

The biggest barrier to most gym goers taking their parkour outdoors is the fear of the unforgiving surfaces out there, I mean concrete is just so dang hard isn’t it? So here is a drill that can help us all acclimate to the harsh reality of hard surface landings.

Step 1: GO. OUTSIDE. I mean it. Hurry up! I’ll wait…

Step 2: Now that you’re outside, find yourself an obstacle that is knee-high, over concrete and start jumping! Do 25 jumps off this obstacle, nothing fancy, just focus on making your landing as soft as possible and start adjusting to the feel of concrete under your feet.

Step 3: Now that we dipped our toes in the water, find an obstacle that is waist-high and over concrete. This is some real height now, so do 20 jumps off of this obstacle and focus on that landing!

Step 4: The good stuff. You should be nice and used to your new friend concrete by now, so it’s time to put your landings to the test. Find a chest-high obstacle. This is the sort of height we can hurt ourselves on if we aren’t careful, so when you do your 15 jumps off of this thing you need to make sure you are laser-focused on your landings.

Tip of the drill: When landing, don’t be afraid to use your hands for extra control. But do so by bending at the legs deep enough that you can reach the ground with your hands, not by pitching your chest forward and bending at the waist.

If you’re a beginner, this can be a great workout to help you get used to the hard surfaces outside. And if you are a more experienced practitioner, this drill is a great warm-up to shake off those mat-induced cobwebs in your landings.

Have fun out there!

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