Toddler Parkour

Parents, do you have a little one who feels left out watching their big brothers and sisters have all the fun at Urban Evolution? We want to help! We’re proud to introduce our newest class offering, ToddlerPK, for Ages 2-3 years old.

What is ToddlerPK? Who is it for?

It’s fitness, strength, bonding time for kids ages 2-3 and parents!

  • Parent participation is mandatory.
  • You and your little one will both be introduced to play-based Parkour.
  • Your toddler will learn the very first steps to take them on their Parkour career – gentle tumbling, balancing, and getting from A to B.

As you may have already seen, your little ninja monkey is pushing the boundaries of their external environment more and more each day! Their brains are registering every single step they take and calibrate. Toddler PK is designed especially to address a toddler’s urge to move, explore, run, and incorporate how to fall and navigate their urban environment combined with exposing them to problem solving and risk taking skills from early on, thereby assuring that you have Ninja Monkey on hand who’s going to be reasonably safe (or should we say as safe as a toddler can be)! And did we mention what a great workout it is?

Check out the schedule here to sign up for ToddlerPK!