Membership Terms & Policies

When you work out at Urban Evolution, you’re going to experience one of the most unique fitness facilities in the world! In return, we have a few expectations of you. As a monthly member or punch card holder, you agree to the following terms. If you do not follow these rules, you risk having your membership suspended or revoked.


All Urban Evolution gym-goers agree to:

  • check in at the front desk upon arrival at the gym
  • wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  • keep personal possessions in lockers; these are not allowed on the workout floor*
  • follow instructions from Urban Evolution staff promptly—this is for everyone’s safety
  • acknowledge the 15-minute cutoff for joining class. If you are 15 or more minutes late, you will not be able to join your class
  • re-rack equipment after use in the UrbanFit lifting area. Personal workout equipment is not allowed


The following will not be tolerated at Urban Evolution:

  • wearing personal speakers, headphones, or earbuds of any kind on the gym floor
  • moving equipment to other locations in the gym
  • competing for equipment with classes which are currently in progress
  • attempting to to teach, coach, or personally train other students, regardless of experience, knowledge, or other certifications
  • behaving in a rude or disrespectful manner toward others


Clients who do not adhere to these items can have their membership revoked without refund.


Purchase Terms and Conditions
All monthly membership and punch card sales are final and cannot be refunded. Monthly memberships can be suspended for up to two weeks (contact The minimum suspension period is seven days at a time. Punch cards can be transferred to another individual.


  • Cancellation requests should be emailed to or open the chat window on this website. Cancellation requests must be in writing
  • Summer camps are not eligible for refunds. Unused camp purchases may be exchanged for gym credit
  • Private events can be cancelled up to two weeks in advance with a full refund on the deposit. Cancellations within two weeks forfeit the deposit and incur a $100 cancellation fee. Please note this applies to Certifikid/Groupon as well
  • Private events can be rescheduled up to one week prior for no additional fee. Rescheduling in the same week incurs a $100 fee**
  • Private training sessions and LevelUp tests must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance, or will be charged in full
  • Unused or unworn merchandise may be exchanged for equivalent items within seven days of purchase
  • 12-month Auto-Pay memberships can be suspended after 4 months and canceled after 6 months
  • 6-month Auto-Pay memberships can be suspended after 3 months and canceled after 3 months
  • 3-month Auto-Pay memberships cannot be suspended or canceled
  • 10-Visit Punch Cards and Monthly Memberships cannot be shared by more than one client


Instructing Children (up to age 15)
Generally accepted classroom management techniques will be used during training and classes to ensure that all students can benefit from the class, and that disruptions are mitigated and/or minimized. Instructors and staff may be called upon to supervise and/or remove from class any student needing personal attention, and the instructor will re-introduce the student when the student is ready to resume participation constructively. The instructor may reach out to parents via email or phone should there be a need to relay information about their child’s behavior, and discuss better strategies to keep the child positively engaged in enrichment activities. Students that are removed from a class on more than two occasions may be withdrawn from remaining classes, at the sole discretion of Urban Evolution. Urban Evolution will discuss any such situation with clients or parents of the students and instructors before making a final decision.


Give Us Your Feedback
We always want our customers to have the best experience possible. But we’re not perfect! If you’d like to talk to someone about your experience, please feel free to email, or use the red chat icon. We can use your feedback and ideas to help improve our business.


*Please note that Urban Evolution is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
**If you need to move your event date, please give us as much notice as possible!