Red Band

If you have completed at least four months of training since taking the Intro to Parkour class, averaging 2-3 visits per week (50 visits minimum), then you are eligible to test for a Red Band. At this point, you should be able to chain movements together seamlessly, and have the beginnings of your own personal style.


The Red Band test consists of:

  • Pairs (two picks from each category) – pushing, pulling, lower body, core
    • Pairings should transition smoothly; delays are subject to penalty
    • A one-minute break will be given after every third skill
    • Pairings are set in advance; do not mix different skills
  • Bails (choose one bail from three scenarios)
  • Flow (perform all three scenarios)


You will need to earn at least 187 points out of a possible 220 points (85%) to pass the test.


Red Band students demonstrate mastery of the following skills:

Pairs & Pushing

Pulling & Grip Strength

Lower Body



All Ages

Ages 12-35 Only


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