Promotional Videos and Advertising for Your Brand!


Want to generate some buzz for your brand? Let Urban Evolution put together a viral video for you! We’ve worked with brands like Vitamin Water, Tough Mudder, and the Washington Area Metro Transit Authority to generate hundreds of thousands–and sometimes millions–of views.

Our professional stunt performers can put together a great performance and production. We can produce videos entirely, or work with your producers and film crews. We’re used to working in crazy conditions, with tight deadlines, and under budget. For a reasonable flat fee per performer, we can help your marketing team put together a highly polished professional video that the world will remember for years to come.

Click the links to see for yourself!


Tough Mudder – “Ninjas in the Mud” – over 250,000 views!

Our own promo video is over 1,000,000 views!


WMATA’s Silver Line opening promotional video – 135,000 views!

Urban Evolution partnered up with SuperSmashCon 2015!

Interested in learning more? Send us an email to with who you are, what you’re trying to shoot, when you’re trying to shoot it, and how many stunt people or performers you need. We’ll do the rest! From breakdancers to aerialists to parkour practitioners, we’ve got you covered!