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Parkour is an athletic training discipline or sport in which practitioners (called traceurs) attempt to get from point A to point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible. (Wikipedia)

Classes at Urban Evolution

  • Intro to Parkour

    • Start with this class to learn the basic skills that we build upon through each level. Students will be promoted to White Band after completing one intro class. Intro to Parkour is required for all following classes unless otherwise specified.

  • White Band Parkour

    • White Band students will learn new skills every week. Skills rotate on a weekly basis.

  • Green Band Parkour

    • Green Band students will learn new, advanced skills and techniques, most of which are based on White Band skills.

    • To earn a green band, students must pass a level-up exam.

  • Low-impact Parkour (ages 35+)

    • Low-Impact Parkour is designed for adults to learn Parkour skills with less of the joint pain; more of a focus on the connection between the body and obstacles with emphasis on being mindful and aware. No Intro required.

  • Nano Parkour (ages 6-8)

    • Nano Parkour is the class for ages 6-8 to learn Parkour skills within a more play-based structure. No Intro required.

  • Parkour Chase Tag (ages 9+)

    • Chase Tag is the fastest growing format of Parkour competition and UE has a proud legacy of world class taggers. Will you be next? Practice Parkour techniques, gameplay strategy, and conditioning. (White Band or higher)

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