Private Training at Urban Evolution

Sometimes you need to step outside the group to get a little personal one-on-one training. And we’re here to help you. We offer private training in Parkour, Aerial Silks, Adult Gymnastics, and UrbanFit / Strength Training.

Our incredibly talented instructors can take you from feeling like “there’s no way” to “there’s no easy way” in no time at all! From broad overview training to tightly focused training to help you learn specific skills or goals, Urban Evolution is here to help!

We’ll help you get that star drop, that kong vault, that deadlift 1-rep max. It’s what we live for!


  • $60/hour (same pricing for semi-private lessons for up to 4 people)
  • 5-pack of private lessons: $270 (10% off)
  • 10-pack of private lessons: $510 (15% off)

Want to get started? Send an email to to schedule your first private lesson!

Urban Evolution