Membership Rates

Our gym works by offering flat rate training. You can come take as many classes (that you qualify for) as you would like during each visit. For example, you can arrive for Intro to Parkour, and decide to stay for Aerial Silks!

  • One-Day Intro Class

  • We credit the cost of your Intro class toward your membership. Try before you buy:

    • Intro to Parkour
    • Intro to UrbanFit
    • Intro to Gymnastics
    • Intro to Aerial Silks
  • 12-Month Autopay

  • Make the most progress and the best use of your training dollars. This is your best value:

    • Unlimited visits!
    • Three free private lessons (valued at $60/hr.)
    • 30% savings
  • 10-Visit Punch Card

  • Hey, we understand fear of commitment too. We’re here for you with punch cards:

    • Each visit can include multiple classes
    • One-year expiration
    • Best for infrequent visits

Membership Costs

A monthly, all-ages membership to Urban Evolution costs $140 per month. If you’re new to the gym, you can pay $20 to take an intro-level class, such as:


The $20 you paid can be deducted from the cost of a monthly membership or a punch card if purchased on the same day.


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Save with Autopay

Sign up for our 12-month autopay option and pay just $98 per month. This also includes a free monthly guest pass that can be used for intro classes or drop-in visits for any first-time client, and three free private training sessions for you ($180 value).


10-Visit Punch Card
One 10-visit punch card costs $180 and can be used by visitors of all ages. These cards apply to any and all scheduled classes for which the holder qualifies. Note that punch cards are valid for one year from date of purchase and cannot be shared between individuals.


Drop-in Visits
If you have successfully completed an intro course and have at least a LevelUp White Band, you can pay $20 for a drop-in visit to train for a day. Learn more about LevelUp.


All monthly memberships, punch cards or drop-in visits allow you to take as many classes as you like in any program, provided you’ve completed the intro class and meet the age requirements.


Refer-a-Friend Discounts*
If you bring in a friend or a family member (or two, or three), who signs up for a monthly membership or punch card, then you both get 30% off your next monthly membership or punch card purchase!


Law Enforcement, Military, Firefighter, EMT Discounts*
If you are a law enforcement officer, an active member of any branch of the military or reserves, a firefighter, an EMT, or other first responder, we offer a 15% discount on your monthly rate. 


*Please note that we cannot combine discounts, so pick the one that gives you the best deal!


Join Urban Evolution Today
Our gym is a unique and fun concept, so get ready to have an exercise routine to look forward to. Meet our community, try a new and exciting workout, and you’ll see why we’re the best! If you have any questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact


Please note that by using or enrolling at our gym in any capacity, you agree to these membership terms.