How The Gyms Work (Pricing, Membership, and Stuff)!

Here’s how the gym works. We offer flat rate training. You can come take as many classes (that you qualify for…more on that in a moment) as you’d like with each visit!

It costs…

40 $One Day
98$12 Months
  • 30% Savings!
  • 12-Month Autopay Membership

    • Unlimited visits! BEST VALUE!
    • FREE – 3 private lessons (valued at $60/hr!)
    • Only $98/month – 30% off month-to-month!
    • How to make the most progress and the best use of your training dollars!
180 $10 Days, 1 Year Expiration
  • For All Ages
  • 10-visit Punch Card

    • 10 visits
    • Each visit can include multiple classes!
    • One year expiration
    • Best if you’re coming once a week, or less regularly.
    • We understand fear of commitment, too.

It costs…

  • $140/month for a Monthly Membership (all ages) if you’d like to go month-to-month.
  • $98/month for a 12-Month Autopay (all ages), which is the most cost-effective way to train. This also comes with a free guest pass each month that can be used for Intro Classes or Drop-in visits for any new customer or client, and 3 free private training sessions ($180 value!)
  • $180 for a 10-visit Punch Card, good for a year* (all ages). Can be used for any and all scheduled classes per visit (note: punch cards cannot be shared between individuals)
  • $40 for an Intro Class: Kids or Adult Intro to ParkourIntro to UrbanFitIntro to Gymnastics, or Intro to Aerial Silks. The $40 you paid can be deducted from the cost of a monthly membership or a punch-card if purchased on the same day of the intro at the gym.
  • $20 for a Drop-In visit to train for a day (assuming you’ve completed any prerequisite classes already).

All monthly memberships, punch cards or drop-in visits allow you to take as many classes as you like in any program provided you’ve completed the intro class and meet the age requirements.

Check out class schedules sections of the website for classes specific to each facility.

Still confused? Let us help:

What do you want to train in? Parkour/ FreerunningAerial SilksBreakdancing? Then…

1. Which location do you live closest to? Pick the location closest to you!

2. How old are you?

3. How often can you come to the gym?

If you can make it 2-3 times a week, then a monthly membership is a better deal.

On the other hand, if you only make it once a week, or once every few weeks, then you should buy a punch card.

If you’re not really interested in Parkour, but you really want to learn Aerial Silks, Adult Gymnastics, or UrbanFit, you’d start with the Intro class (Intro to BreakdancingIntro to Gymnastics, or Intro to Aerial Silks), then join the beginner / level 1 classes in that program area.

And remember:

  • Most gym chains make money when you don’t come to the gym. But Urban Evolution wants you to come train with us as frequently as you can!
  • You’re able to try any class in any program area at the gym with a monthly membership or a day-pass.
  • We offer multiple ways to get discounts! The simplest / easiest one is to bring in a friend, and you’ll both get a 30% discount for each 10-visit punch card!
  • Or sign up for a 12 month contract and you’ll get 30% for 12 months of training on our “all access monthly memberships.”
  • People don’t avoid our gym. It’s rare that anyone has to convince themselves to come train with us. Meet our community in person; you’ll see why!

We also offer discounts for law enforcement, emergency responders, EMTs, and active duty military personnel. Please note that we cannot combine discounts, so pick the one that gives you the best deal!

We frequently partner with other organizations to offer deeply discounted monthly memberships, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox!

If you have questions that weren’t answered here, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page!

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