FAQ & Policies

Please ​read our policies and FAQ below. If you have any questions or concerns not covered here, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have experience, can I skip the Intro class?

  • The Intro class is a pre-requisite. You may choose instead to take a private lesson, and with instructor approval can proceed to Level 1/White Band. We insist on Intro lessons regardless of previous experience because we want to make sure we are all on the same page skill- and safety-wise before jumping into classes of the next level. Many skills have different names depending on where you learned them.

What should I wear/bring to class?

  • Bring a water bottle. 
  • For Parkour, wear clothes and shoes that you're comfortable jumping around in. No sandals/boots/etc.
  • For Aerial Silks and Gymnastics, students are barefoot. Please do not wear any jewelry, clothing with studs/belts/zippers/anything that can get caught in the silks, or lotions. Shirts that cover backs, sides, and armpits are recommended.
Refund Policy
  • Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are currently operating under a pandemic-specific refund policy.  Punch cards or active monthly memberships from March to September of 2020 when we were closed due to COVID are refundable.  (PLEASE NOTE that due to a recent change in ownership of the gym, we no longer have access to our old software and therefore any refunds that are to your original payment method will have to be resolved via opening a dispute with your bank or credit card company - Thank you for your understanding.) 
  • All other membership and punch card purchases are final sale and cannot be refunded.
  • For private lessons, your booking is refundable up until 24 hours before the lesson. Unfortunately, cancellations within the 24 hour window cannot be refunded due to the cost of specialized staffing. To RESCHEDULE a private lesson within the 24 hour window, you can reschedule for half the cost (no less than $35). The remainder will not be refunded. To do so, you must email info@urbanevo.com in the 24-hour window. After that, the half-cost offer will expire. The half-cost reschedule is available ONCE per lesson (ie, if you need to reschedule the same lesson twice, the second time will be full price)
  • Single class purchases are currently refundable for store credit up until 2 hours before the class start time. Within or after the 2 hour window, purchases cannot be refunded.
  • If you have any difficulties with processing refunds or specific questions about our pandemic policy, please reach out to our Operations Manager at info@urbanevo.com.

Summer Camps

  • Summer camps are refundable up to two weeks before the camp start date. They are refundable as store credit only up to one week before camp start date. Camps are nonrefundable less than one week before camp start date.
Class/Reservations Policy
  • Please be courteous to other students and our coaches and make sure you arrive for your class on time. The cut-off for late joining is 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you will not be allowed in the class and your class will not be refunded, rescheduled, or credited.
  • All classes are by online reservation only. We do not accept any drop-ins. You can sign up for a class up until 2 hours before the class starts. You can register for a class up to two weeks in advance.
  • ALL classes require Introductory classes to their program, even if you have prior experience. (Example: Level 1 Aerials requires Intro to Aerials, White Band Parkour requires Intro to Parkour, Level 1 Gymnastics requires Intro to Gymnastics). There are a few exceptions: Yoga, Nano class, 401/Low-Impact, Hip Hop Dance, and Family Silks do not require Intro. This is so we can get to know you and you can get to know us, and we can make sure that you are following all safety protocols. If you want to skip the Intro, click here to sign up for a private lesson .
    • Parkour ages 9-14, 15+ requires intro
    • Parkour ages 6-8, 35+ does NOT require intro
    • Aerial Silks ages 9+ requires intro
    • Aerial Silks ages 6+ ("Family Silks" class) does NOT require intro. *This class requires parent or guardian to also book a spot.
    • Gymnastics requires intro
    • Dance does NOT require intro - students place themselves in the level they feel comfortable
    • Yoga, Juggling, Contortion & Flexibility, Circus Conditioning do NOT require intro
  • Private lessons are one-on-one. If you would like to book a semi-private lesson, please email info@urbanevo.com.

We'd like to thank you again for your support and patience as we all navigate COVID and how to move forward.  Our number one goal is to stay safe. Here are the some of the ways we are helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • Face masks recommended
  • Sanitization stations and plexiglass barriers are installed
  • Extra cleaning before and after every class
  • Reduced class capacity