Parkour (“Park-oar”, or maybe “par-core” but never “park hour” and if you try and put “hardcore” in front of it, we’ll punch you)  is a training methodology which focuses on movement in both natural and urban environments. The focus is to move over, under, around, and through obstacles elegantly, and with efficiency.

So maybe you’ve heard of parkour before, and even seen some pictures or videos labeled as parkour, but what exactly is parkour?
This video might help you understand!

It’s not strictly defined by any particular workout or conditioning regimen. It’s more about finding the way to keep improving and eventually reach your greatest physical potential. And that’s what makes it so great! Your only opponent here is yourself. Your competition is you!

So it does have its philosophical side, but here at Urban Evolution, we’ve come up a variety of ways to challenge you and hone your skills in a safe and fun environment. The Adult Intro to Parkour class or the Kids’ Intro to Parkour covers the basic movements that have been established as essential to parkour training. This includes some useful body-weight conditioning exercises, jumping and landing with precision, developing safe rolling habits, and numerous techniques for vaulting over obstacles. And once you’re familiar with the basics, it’s time to run a mini obstacle course and put your new skills to the test.

After completion of the Intro to Parkour, you will receive a White Wristband and can join our White Wristband classes!


To get started, sign up for one of our Intro to Parkour sessions.

If you have questions… have you checked out our Frequently Asked Questions page?

  • White Band Parkour – Techniques:
    • Kids Classes (9-14) and Adult classes (15+)
    • Rolling 3-week curriculum (Rails, Vaults, Walls). Check the white board or the website!
    • No beginning or end, there’s always a new setup!
    • Specific Parkour techniques to help you progress towards your Green Band!


    • Kids’ Only Classes, Adult Only Classes, and Kids + Adult Classes for families who want to train together!
    • Tumbling and Acrobatics in the context of Parkour. Some people love to flip, so we have a separate class for it.
    • Two levels. Start in Level 1, then take a test, and progress to Level 2!

    White Band Supervised Open Gym:

    • Open to all White Bands, all ages.
    • Free time to work on techniques outside of class. Coaches are on hand to help keep an eye on things and assist with coaching tips and setting up movement challenges.