The UE Staff pick some of their favorite Livewire videos!

The UE Staff pick some of their favorite Livewire videos!

Some videos of Tim “Livewire” Shieff that are all time favorites of UE Parkour Instructors. Credit goes to UE Parkour Instructors Morgan Henry and Brad Wasserman for compiling this.

Morgan: This first video titled “Storm Freerun – Volume 1” was the video that made Storm a household name. Highlights are Tim showing off his signature breakdance/freerun fusion style, and his badass freerun-ghostride of the “Livwr” (Livewire) Audi, in the beginning.

Badass freerun-ghostride of the “Livwr” Audi

Morgan and Brad: In the “Livewire a Year of Redbull Comps” video, all the highlights of Tim Shieff’s 2011 Redbull Art of Motion events are compiled into one epic video. I love this video because it was all performed live, without the weeks and weeks of practice time that usually precedes the filming of moves in high-end videos. These are the sort of moves that Tim can pull off at the drop of a hat!

“Livewire a Year of Redbull Comps”

Brad:I think what’s most impressive to me is not the flips or big moves but all the little things leading up to it. His precisions look so easy and the handstand traveling around the pegs is ridiculous.

Morgan:The final video is part of Tim’s “Livewire GOES” series. Filmed in Bangkok with guest stars Team Farang (A high-level team made up of foreigners living in Bangkok), this video is the only one in the series not to feature the documentary voice-over style of the rest of the series. Though the normal style of the series is awesome, this video is a much better display of his skills.

“Livewire GOES” series.

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