UE Manassas new gym schedule effective Sept 29, 2014

UE Manassas new gym schedule effective Sept 29, 2014

URBAN EVOLUTION MANASSAS SCHEDULE – Effective Monday, Sept. 29th- Urban Evolution Manassas is adding MORE Classes for Kids, Adults and Zombies (well, not really) but check it out since this starts tomorrow.

KIDS Intro to Parkour – Tue & Thu 6p-7:30p, Sat & Sun noon-1:30p
KIDS Nano Parkour (age 6-8) – Mon thru Fri 5-6p, Sat & Sun noon-1p, 4p-5p
KIDS White Band Parkour (age 9-11) – Mon thru Fri 5p-6p, Sat & Sun 4p-5p
KIDS Youth White Band Parkour (age 12-14) – Mon thru Fri 5p-6p, Sat & Sun 4p-5p
ADULT Intro to Parkour – Mon & Wed 6p-8p, Sat & Sun noon-2p
ADULT White Band Parkour (age 15&up) – Mon & Wed & Fri 6p-7p, 7-8p, 8p-9p, Tue & Thu 6p-7p, 8p-9p, Sat & Sun 3p-4p
ADULT 401PK Class (recommended for ages 35&up, no intro required) – Mon 7p-8p, Wed 1p-2p, Sat 2p-3p
KIDS/ADULTS Green Band Parkour (age 9&up, green band required) – Mon & Wed & Fri 6p-7p, Sun 3p-4p
KIDS/ADULTS Veggies Class (age 9&up, white band required) – Tue & Thu 7p-8p, Sat & Sun 2p-3p
KIDS/ADULTS White Band Tricking/FR (age 9&up, white band required) – Thu & Fri 6p-7p
KIDS/ADULTS Green Band Tricking/FR (age 9&up, green band required) – Fri 7p-8p
KIDS/ADULTS Obstacle Course Training (age 9&up, white band required) – Thu 8p-9p, Sat 3p-4p

KIDS Homeschool Pico Parkour (age 4-5) – Thu 1p-2p
KIDS Homeschool Nano Parkour (age 6-8) – Mon & Wed & Thu 1p-2p
KIDS Homeschool Kids White Band Parkour (age 9-11) – Mon & Wed & Thu & Fri 1p-2p
KIDS Homeschool Youth White Band Parkour (age 12-14) – Fri 1p-2p

ADULT Intro to UrbanFit (age 15&up, advanced sign-up required) – Tue & Thu 7-8:30p
ADULT UrbanFit (age 15&up, must have taken intro to UrbanFit) – Tue & Thu 6p-7p, Sun 3p-4p
ADULT Bootstraps (age 15&up, no intro required) – Thu 1p-2p, Tue & Thu 5p-6p, Sun 4p-5p

KIDS/ADULTS Intro to Aerial Silks (ages 6&up) – Mon 6p-7:30p, Thu 7p-8:30p, Sat & Sun noon-1:30p
KIDS Aerial Silks Class (age 6-11, must have taken intro) – Wed & Fri 5p-6p, Sat 2p-3p, Sun 3p-4p
ADULT Aerial Silks Class (age 12&up, must have taken intro) – Mon 7:30-8:30p, Wed & Fri 6:30p-7:30p, Sun 2p-3p

ADULT Intro to Gymnastics – Sat 4p-5:30p
ADULT Gymnastics Class – Tue 5p-6p, Fri 8p-9p, Sat 3p-4p

PLEASE NOTE: For the most up-to-date schedule, always consult the online schedule via urbanevo.com or the “Urban Evolution” mobile app (available for Droid and iPhones). Especially because this one may be subject to typos. 😀

Thanks for all your support and feedback. We’ve heard your anguished cries, paid attention to some of them, and we hope this new schedule will provide a lot more opportunities for you to train and participate in our wonderful (patient, and incredibly good-looking) UE Manassas community!

WAIT IT’S NOT OVER- We would also like you to join our Awesome Autumn Outdoor Parkour Picnic on Oct 5 3 pm onwards. You can find details here.

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