True Life- I joined Urban Evolution Aerialist Sarah Mansur

True Life- I joined Urban Evolution Aerialist Sarah Mansur

Name: Sarah
Age: 28
Nickname: V
Hometown: centreville, va
What is you favorite activity at Urban Evolution?
Aerial silks
Why do you come to UE?
UE provides a fun and friendly atmosphere. I never feel rushed or like I am “working out.” Aerial silks allows me to get into a zone and learn a skill I never thought I could. But, I can. EU provides that environment – the can do and we will show you how!

When did you join the Urban Evolution?
Not sure, Malikah, look it up for me!
What would you like to learn (goals) at UE in 2013?
Aerial Silks – more dives and drops. I think a trapeze would be a nice addition ::nudge::

What advice would you give to new UE members (Aerialists)?
Finish your sentences with “,yet.” “I can’t, yet.” Remember to stretch after, do pull=ups and leg lifts/raises at home. Try not to compare yourself to others. You will find your strengths and learn to compensate for weaknesses. Meet up with friends during open gym, and keep tryin’!

What’s your power animal? (don’t ask, only you know your power animal) 😀
The horse and I are one.

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