True Life – I Joined Urban Evolution- Elizabeth Noguchi

True Life – I Joined Urban Evolution- Elizabeth Noguchi

Name: Elizabeth Noguchi
Age: Far side of 50, short of 60
Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Classes take at Urban Evolution:
I’ve taken the mandatory introduction classes to Parkour and Urban Fit. I have every intention of taking the intro to Parkour again. It would be useful to me. I’ve taken a couple of aerial silks classes, toning classes and some of the daily parkour classes. I haven’t been coming here for very long and am decidedly in the “getting to know you” stage. I’m getting to know myself again too…….30, 40 years later I can’t do all the stuff that used to be so easy. Suuurrrrpriiiiiise! Matters not……

What is you favorite activity at Urban Evolution?
I have to say that I’ve enjoyed all of it on one level or another. I’m a rank beginner…I crash a lot still. Sometimes it hurts. It’s a learning process, but the successes I’ve had have been pleasing, satisfying, to me at least. I can’t keep up with a lot of the people. I don’t need to. I finally realized that. I don’t need to keep up with the teens or the twenty- somethings, or the thirty-somethings, etc. etc! That’s not very realistic. I really liked working on the rails for some reason. Maybe it’s the balance thing. I doubt if I’ll ever be able to “fly” over them. I still feel as if I’m hurling myself at walls, and I am, but I’ve only tried a couple of times. Vaults are challenging and one heck of a workout. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do some of the amazing “ninja” stuff, but if I don’t work at it at all and at least try, I’ll never be able to do any of it. Period. I don’t aspire to being a ninja, though it would be kinda fun. ‘-D Yeah………..
I want to get stronger and move better.
I will get stronger, no matter what. There is no question of that. For women, after menopause this is significant. To do weight bearing exercises….to keep strong… keep osteoporosis at bay for starters.
It is challenging and it is FUN!

When and why did you join the Urban Evolution Community?
I started with UrbanEvo because I wanted to try out the aerial silks class. I think that was around the middle of June this year. The gym astounded me and I immediately realized that I wanted to try out much more than silks there. Around that time I had also read an article about a much older woman, in her 70’s who was wonderfully fit, and what struck me was something that she said. She said that she knows how to fall. Think about it.

What are your training goals for the remainder of 2012?
I want to get stronger. The age thing is tiresome, and I know I’ve become weaker over the years. There is no reason why I can’t become strong, trim and fit again, and I might as well have fun doing it. I’d like to take some more of the Urban Fit classes (they use weights and stuff) and toning classes. Mix it up. Conventional gyms are boring, boring, boring. I’ll say it again. BORING. I will never go to one again. It is the Parkour which I find so enticing though. Maybe I’ll be able to make it to the top of a wall one of these days. Let’s see, I’ve got 5 more months til the end of the year. Sure…..why not?

Do you have any words of wisdom/advice for UE members?
Take care of your health and bodies. Eat right.

I’m the newbie here. Be brave, if not fearless. I would say come and see and try it out. If you are in the same boat as I am, age-wise, take it easy. Don’t do more than you can safely do. Enjoy watching the young and fearless do their stuff. It’s really cool! I’m just mad that this wasn’t around 50 years ago!

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