True Life: I Joined Urban Evolution by Rafael Raval

True Life: I Joined Urban Evolution by Rafael Raval

Name: Rafael Raval
Age: 38
Nickname: Raff
Hometown: Originally Manila Philippines but I’ve lived in Arlington, VA most of my life

What is your favorite activity at Urban Evolution

When did you join the Urban Evolution?
Hmm.. That’s a good question. I think May or June of 2012

What would you like to learn (goals) at UE in 2012?
There is so many things I want to learn right now. My mind is focused at the moment on Parkour. So here’s a list of some stuff that comes to mind:
• Increasing my jump height
• Increasing my hand strength for cat hangs and climbing rails
• Learn Kong Vault
• Perfect Dash Vault
• Rail Balancing
• Improve my tic-tacs
• (Probably not doable in 2012) Run up the Warped Wall successfully!

What advice would you give to new UE members?
Just go for it! Fear and doubt creep in quickly. So don’t give yourself time to talk yourself out of trying new stuff … particularly when you’re looking down from an eight foot platform.

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