True Life: The 401PK Stars Share What’s On Their Mind…

True Life: The 401PK Stars Share What’s On Their Mind…

Check out what Elizabeth, Nancy and Jerry have to say about their Parkour Experience
Q1. What is your advice to aspiring younger and older members who want to try parkour?
Nancy: My advice is to “go for it!” No matter what your age, you get to know your strengths and limitations very quickly. Through training, you can build your strength and exceed those limitations. Suddenly, obstacles are just a chance to make something beautiful happen. It is the best feeling in the world. Parkour is true freedom of movement and expression, and freedom from fear.
Jerry: When was the last time you did something for the first time?  Give it a try!
Elizabeth: Try it! Older members (personal experience) can look forward to a world of dings and ow-ies, but the rewards in accomplishment and fitness, even if you don’t become a flying ninja, far outweigh the temporary discomfort and hard work. It feels good to move!
Q2.  What do you like about training with UE Community?

Nancy:  I like the UE Community because it is people of all ages in a highly supportive, safe, and exciting environment. The UE coaches are very knowledgeable and make sure training takes place at an appropriate level. That being said, every visit to the gym is different and exciting. Another huge bonus is getting to observe the incredible talent from fellow Urbanites, visiting PK celebs, and of course UE coaches. Inspirational moments abound! Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fry cook or a CEO – gravity is the great equalizer!

Jerry: Doing silly things with folks more silly than me.

Elizabeth:    I like the challenges, physical and mental, that getting out of my comfort zone presents. I’m much stronger than I was when I started and that was one of my goals. I feel as if I’ve got some buddies there. It’s all good.

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