#Tag at Urban Evolution!

#Tag at Urban Evolution!

Everyone is welcome! No prerequisites, but please sign a waiver and register so we can organize the game properly in advance!

“Playground” is for Beginners, White Bands, and the general public.
“Assassin” is for Intermediate, Green Bands, and those previously assessed by Urban Evolution staff.
Ages 9-14 and Ages 15+

FRIDAY July 20th, 2018, 6pm-9pm
Urban Evolution Alexandria
5505 Cherokee Ave Alexandria VA 22312

We’ll start with some “for fun” runs with single and multiple players, then after we’re warmed up, move on to the tournament!

1v1 Tag competition,  tournament style brackets with multiple heats, organized by number of registrations. Everyone should get at least 2 turns as catcher and 2 turns as runner in the first heat, so multiple match-ups. One point awarded if you survive your match without being tagged, one point if you tag someone as a catcher.
  • First heat: 30 seconds to survive.
  • Second heat (survivors of the first heat): 45 seconds to survive
  • Final heat: 60 seconds to survive

Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes! WHO’S IT?!

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