Some new additions to our schedule!

Some new additions to our schedule!

We’ve just added two classes at either end of the spectrum for Parkour!

The first is NanoPK, our “pre-Parkour” class for kids ages 6-8. It’s a great way to develop strength, coordination, agility, and the ability to handle mental challenges for our younger kids! Classes are held on Saturdays from 4pm-5pm. Click here to register! We hope to add more time slots as this class gains popularity!

And then, on the other side, we’re adding Advanced Parkour back to our schedule on Wednesdays at 8pm. The pre-requisite is two months of Parkour Basics training or equivalent experience (determined by instructors on staff; if you’re not sure, you can email and schedule a skill assessment to be sure). Advanced class will focus on advanced techniques, combinations, chaining, and smoothness of movement, and will tie in nicely with our Freerunning classes, as well.

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