Sayonara, MindbodyOnline-san…

Sayonara, MindbodyOnline-san…

For almost seven years, we’ve been loyal customers of a software platform called MindbodyOnline. MindbodyOnline is one the (if not the) largest gym / fitness software businesses in the world, with at least several hundred thousand clients. They’re a billion dollar company.

They’re also not very responsive, both in the web design sense and the in the colloquial.

To that end, we’ve decided to move from from their platform to another software platform called WellnessLiving. There are a variety of reasons for this migration. It’s not something we undertake lightly. First, this migration involves seven years of data: customer billing records, visit histories, class schedules, events…you name it. And across three locations, no less! We’ve taken pains to insure the security of client data, and to preserve the integrity of all that historical information. It’s a big undertaking, and it hasn’t been easy. The transition will take several weeks to completely iron out the wrinkles.

On the plus side, we’ll be far better positioned to serve you–our clients–afterwards than we were previously. You’ll notice some of the changes right away. The single biggest obvious change is that WellnessLiving uses a responsive layout, so you can use it on any device / resolution, and it will look pretty darn good and work pretty well. New clients can sign up without downloading an app (though WellnessLiving does plan to release an app in the near future), and can access all the functionality of their account via any web browser. We think that’s huge.

In addition, WellnessLiving also lets us gain some efficiencies on the back end, in the office. Transactions and sign-ins should be faster, which means less waiting at the front desk during busy times. You should see more accurate accounting of punch card visits, which means less auditing and checking data for us and more peace of mind for you.

And finally, it’s just a lot cheaper. Like…an order of magnitude cheaper. Those savings add up over time.

So we hope you’ll bear with us through what we hope is a brief transition period, and into a brighter new world of software. If you run into any issues in the course of using WellnessLiving, please let us know immediately! Just drop us an email at and we’ll make sure the issue gets resolved as quickly as possible.

Thanks, and we’ll see you at the gym!

-Malikah and Salil

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