NInja Warrior Night V – 2011 Winner Justin Frevert

NInja Warrior Night V – 2011 Winner Justin Frevert

True Life: I Am A Ninja Warrior Night Champion

Winner of NWNV-2011at UE

This month’s athlete spotlight features Justin Frevert, the winner of the last Ninja Warrior night! He was the recipient of a pretty sweet ninja sword and bragging rights till the at least the next competition. Read on for some great tips on conquering the obstacles!

Justin Frevert concentrates on sliding his way
through the course
(Photo courtesy of Koko Lanham)

Name: Justin Frevert

What do you plan to train in at Urban Evolution besides being a Ninja?
Tricking and Freerunning!

When did you join the UE community? Why?
I joined maybe a year and a half ago when I found out that my cousin, Mark, works here. I knew that joining would help broaden my training.

Do you have any training goals for 2011?
Some of of my goals are to increase jump height, distance, running speed, to learn more flips, tricking movements,planches, front levers, and eventually, one-armed pull ups!

What’s your favorite thing to work on outside the gym?
Flow, kong to precisions, running precisions, flips, and catches!

What’s your favorite part about Ninja Warrior Night at UE?
The crowd, the music, the anticipation, and that one moment where you beat an obstacle that’s been scaring you all night!

Do you have any advice for participants for Ninja Warrior Night at UE?
Yes! What has seemed to help me out a lot is following alongside a participant while they make their way through the course. Then I visualize myself doing each obstacle in several different ways, I choose the best one and I think it through even more. Another tip is to not wear out your fingers or forearms before the second or third courses! ;)))

– Justin Frevert

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