Introducing Our New Class Format!

Introducing Our New Class Format!

As we mentioned above, we just re-launched, and with that comes some major changes to how we conduct business. We’re excited to show you how we’ve improved our facility, and particularly our class structure!

For starters, we’ll be offering our Basics class instead of the Level 1 Bootcamp. The time won’t change (7pm), but we’re going to offer it every night of the week, starting next week on Monday, May 31st. For those of you already enrolled in the bootcamp, nothing is going to change for you. You’ll just have more timeslots to choose from!

The format of the class will change somewhat. We’ll be adding a safety skill component to each class, and also work on a particular technique each night.

Finally, for you advanced people out there: the gym is now your playground. Come in any time after 5pm for open session. $20 now buys you a “day-pass.” Come and go as you please, stay as long as you like! You can even hang out during a Basics class if you’d like to refresh your skills.

Thanks, and see you at the gym!

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