Competition Training at Urban Evo!

Competition Training at Urban Evo!

American Ninja Warrior, MetroDash, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Deathrace 2000, The Long Walk, Jeopardy, Army Ranger School…

You’re about to embark on the contest of a lifetime, and you need to get ready, because you’re in it to win it. What better place to train than the place that trains you the hardest, so you can do the most, and do it fastest and better than anyone else?

You’ll laugh at the mud, the tasers, the bee stings, the answers in the form of questions, because you *trained* and you suffered. And as you wipe the grime, the blood, and the sweat from your face, and the wild cheers of the crowd ring in your ears, you’ll remember who it was that pushed you to do this.

That’s right. Alex Trebek. And Urban Evolution…the only gym in the Washington D.C. Metro area and Northern Virginia to offer training to get you ready for the race you’re about to try.

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