Private Special Military Training

"My team went to Urban Evolution not knowing what to expect. We have a combined 60+ years of military/ combat experience and was hoping to learn a new set of skills to use in urban environments. The instructors were not only very knowledgeable but extremely professional as well. We learned how to fall, roll, vault, jump, and climb "slick" as well as with kit. The instructors safely demonstrated and taught the team various moves that we plan to incorporate into our daily training and future combat operations. One of the best things we learned was how to protect our bodies to give us even more longevity in our careers from a physical stand point. We will continue to use UE in the future and take what we've learned back to our unit."


Are you a commander or member of an active-duty or reserves military unit that’s looking for something a little different? Urban Evolution has experience teaching and training our nation’s most elite war-fighters, including training USASOC, The Navy’s SeaBees (Construction Battalion), and many more units ranging from platoon size up to battalion-level training. We have experience on-base and off, and have trained groups at our gyms and at high security facilities.

Some of the areas we’ve covered in the past:

  • Moving in an Urban Environment
  • Unit Cohesion and Morale
  • Coordinated Unit Movement

…and perhaps most importantly, we’re also very experienced with enhancing strength and mobility, speeding recovery, preventing injury, and rehabilitation of chronic injury. Our speciality is in teaching efficient movement in diverse environments while helping you stay fit, healthy, and injury-free longer. That means an easier term of duty, more active days, and more days in the field.

In addition, if you’re an active member of any branch of the military or reserves, a law-enforcement officer, a firefighter, or an EMT or other first-responder, you qualify for a 15% discount on your monthly rate at Urban Evolution! Just call us (855-NINJAS1) or tell us in person to take advantage of this great program!

To find out more information, send an email to and include your name, your unit, and your location.