“LevelUp”: Urban Evolution’s Wristband Ranking System


Urban Evolution uses a proprietary and copyrighted wristband ranking system to help instructors and students monitor their progress and develop their Parkour skills and techniques. We also have a “Frequently Asked Questions” section for the wristband ranking system that may help you understand more about how and why we have this system in place.

The skills listed are those that should be reliably demonstrated by a student of that rank, e.g. a student with a White wristband should be able to demonstrate rolls, jumping and landing with good form, etc. If you’re not sure what these skills are, we’ve hyperlinked to the various skills in the list below. Still got questions? Call us or text us or send us an email!

If you are an experienced traceur or traceuse interested in taking the Green test but have never been to the gym before, we highly recommend scheduling a prep session (especially if you ARE an experienced parkour practitioner). We say this because no one passes the Green test without some prep. Contact us at info@urbanevo.com for more information on scheduling the test and how to prepare.


The LevelUp ranking system is mostly to help you, the student, monitor your training and set goals accordingly. Each rank will have General Requirements (time training at the gym and number of visits, plus other requirements) and Skill Requirements (demonstrations of parkour knowledge and development). Our system uses the following terms, which we’ll outline for you:
  • Strength/Conditioning – Is your body prepared for parkour? Static forms, development of extremities (grip, foot/ankle endurance, etc.), basic flexibility/balance/coordination
  • Techniques – Do you know the movements that are particular to parkour? Recognition of individual techniques, consistent execution, smooth entrance/exit
  • Stealth – How refined are your skills? Economy of movement (minimal footsteps, etc), connectivity/transitioning, control over momentum, impact absorption/redirection.

Technical Requirements

  • Vault
  • Wall
  • Rail
  • Miscellaneous “other sorts of movement that don’t fall readily into the categories of vaults, walls, or rails.”


Ready to earn your wristband?  Click on any of the colors to learn more: