Level Up System

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What are the wristbands for? What is the Level Up system?

Urban Evo's Level Up program is a system that encourages skill progression, rewards students for improvement, and safely gauges a student's level to place them in appropriate classes. We use wristbands of different colors to denote the different levels.

We charge a $20 scheduling fee for members and $25 for nonmembers.


White Band is the first level awarded after successful completion of Intro to Parkour class or equivalent private lesson. 

Green Band is the second level awarded to students who pass their level up exam. Students will be able to take part in Open Gym and Green Band classes to learn more advanced skills and techniques. Check out the checklist here.

Blue Band

Red Band

Black Band

Aerial Silks

Level 1 is the first level, equivalent to White Band, awarded after successful completion of Intro to Silks.

Level 2

Level 3

Adult Gymnastics

Level 1

Level 2