Parkour for Kids! (Ages 4-14)

Our “Parkour for Kids” program is totally unique to the DC Metro area. Urban Evolution offers four levels of Parkour for Kids:

PicoPK program for the youngest kids ages 4-5 (no intro class required)
NanoPK program for younger kids ages 6-8 (no intro class required)
Kids Parkour program for kids ages 9-11 (Kids Intro to Parkour prerequisite)
Youth Parkour program for youth ages 12-14 (Kids Intro to Parkour prerequisite)

The PicoPK (ages 4-5) class trains our tiniest ninjas while they are springy and bendy! Let your little ones get a feel for Parkour in a play- and story-based environment. Classes will help teach movement in conjunction with self-regulation. They’re a lot of fun! Click here to register fo a Pico PK class! (no intro class required).

The NanoPK (ages 6-8) class offers a “structured playtime” approach to parkour training for kids ages 6-8 that incorporates conditioning into games and creative physical activities, and teaches the fundamentals of parkour moves and techniques, including jumping and landing, rolling, vaulting, climbing, and falling safely. Click here to register for a Nano PK class! (no intro class required).

The White Band Parkour Kids’ Class (ages 9-11) focuses more on parkour skills and physical conditioning, with an emphasis on chaining techniques together. Kids will need to attend the “Kids Intro to Parkour” class first to earn their white band, then they join our regular Kids White Band Parkour Classes. Click here to sign up for the Kids’ Intro to Parkour class (required for all new students) and once they’ve completed the Intro and earned their white band, they will be able to attend the Kids White Band Parkour Classes. The overall structure is the same as our Adult Parkour program.

And White Band Youth Parkour program (ages 12-14) serves as a transitional program for older kids. Students will have the option to test and graduate into the Adult Parkour program upon instructor approval. Once your child has completed the Kids’ Intro to Parkour class and earned their white band, they will be able to attend the Youth White Band Parkour Classes. Again, the structure of the program is the same as our Adult Parkour program, and the same classes are available.

If you think your child might be interested in our Parkour for Kids program, come check out a class or two and see for yourself!All of these are great for kids who don’t gravitate towards team sports, aren’t confident about their physical condition, or sometimes lack the motivation to get off the couch, put down the videogame controller, and get outside and play! And if your child happens to be a natural athlete, this is a great physical challenge that will help them fine tune their agility and coordination even further. We encourage creativity by creating individual and team challenges, and allow the kids to create rules, obstacles, and games of their own, and then challenge them to play their own games both competitively and as part of a team.

Registration for all Parkour Classes here!

If you’re interested  in learning about our Kids’ Parkour Daycamp (offered in the summer months only), click here!

If you’re interested  in learning about our Kids’ Parkour Winter Daycamp (offered during Winter Break only), click here!

For more detailed information about our White Band Parkour program including the history of parkour, leveling up and our Obstacle Course training class click here!

If you have questions…check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.