UE Parkour Instructor Certification

There are two levels to teaching at Urban Evolution: Assistant Instructors and Lead Instructors.

Assistant Instructors can and do lead parkour classes and teach unassisted. The Assistant Instructor Certification is a required prerequisite for the Lead Instructor certification.

Lead Instructors both teach and help shape our Parkour programs as well. Lead Instructors are thus required to have higher level knowledge of fitness programming and instruction, and a greater familiarity with the Urban Evolution way of Parkour instruction as well.

It typically takes most people on the order of 2 months of training after attaining their Green Band before they earn their Assistant Certification. It usually takes an additional 8 months to a year to earn their Lead Certification. These are some of the most stringent certifications in the fitness industry anywhere.

In order to teach as an Assistant Instructor at Urban Evolution, traceurs and traceusses are required to demonstrate a Green Band degree of proficiency with Parkour skills and technique. Once they’ve earned their Green Band, they can join our Assistant Instructor training program.

In order to become a Lead Instructor at Urban Evolution traceurs and traceusses are required to demonstrate a Green Band degree of skill  AND have already earned their Assistant Instructor certification, as well as the ability to explain techniques and correct mistakes in a positive, encouraging way.  This means being familiar with:

  • A breakdown of basic parkour conditioning methodology

  • Pedagogy for parkour techniques, with multiple scenarios and progressions

  • A glossary of terms and concepts

At the certification exam, potential instructors will be responsible for the information presented in our preparatory documentation and study guides, as well as the official Urban Evolution Parkour Curriculum.  A working knowledge of basic strength and conditioning principles in the form of previous fitness experience, education, certifications, etc. –  is useful but not necessary for passing the exam.  You are being tested only on your ability to teach parkour.

The certification exam will feature two parts – a paper test and a live practical.  The latter will require a demonstration of teaching ability through drill instruction and form correction of a group of “students,” i.e., current instructors who will then give written evaluations of the instruction provided.

It’s important to remember that every instructor will have his or her own style.  By no means should this document be considered The One True Way To Teach Parkour.  This is only a guide, just as you are only a guide.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Earn your Green Wristband, then come find out, young grasshopper!