UE Parkour Instructor Certification

If you have a Green Band or above, you’re eligible to apply to become a parkour instructor. Instructors lead classes, provide mentorship, and help shape our programs. It typically takes three to five months to earn an instructor certification. You’ll need to be skilled in the following areas:


  • UE’s parkour conditioning methodology
  • Pedagogy of parkour techniques, scenarios, and progressions
  • Knowledge of terms and concepts


Certification Exam

You will be tested on our documentation and study guides, as well as our official Parkour curriculum. A working knowledge of basic strength and conditioning principles is necessary to pass, but you will be tested primarily on your ability to teach parkour. The certification exam consists of two parts:


  • Part One: Written Test
    This test consists of approximately 100 multiple-choice questions, administered electronically at our gym under supervision of a certified instructor. The passing score is 80%. Passing the written test is required to move on to part two.


  • Part Two: Practical Exam
    In part two, you’ll demonstrate teaching ability with a mock group of “students,” consisting of three UE instructors. They will ask for scenario-based training, roleplay types of clients, and ask you to progress and regress target skills. You will then receive a written evaluation.


We are aware that every instructor will have their own style; our certification exam is based on teaching effectiveness rather than rote memorization of pedagogy.


Think you’ve got what it takes?

Earn your Green Band, then come find out, young grasshopper! Contact info@urbanevo.com to schedule your test.