Urban Evolution’s Parkour Instructor Certification

Any client who attains a Green Band or above is eligible to apply and train in our Parkour Instructor Certification Program.

Instructors lead parkour classes and provide mentorship to trainees (shadows). A Green Wristband is a prerequisite to train in our certification program.

Instructors both teach and help shape our Parkour programs as well. Instructors are thus required to have higher level knowledge of fitness programming and instruction, and familiarity with the Urban Evolution way of Parkour instruction as well.

It typically takes most people on the order of 3-5 months of training after attaining their Green Band before they earn their Instructor Certification.

This means being familiar with:

  • A breakdown of basic parkour conditioning methodology
  • Pedagogy for parkour techniques, with multiple scenarios and progressions
  • A glossary of terms and concepts

At the certification exam, potential instructors will be responsible for the information presented in our preparatory documentation and study guides, as well as the official Urban Evolution Parkour Curriculum.  A working knowledge of basic strength and conditioning principles in the form of previous fitness experience, education, certifications, etc. –  is useful and necessary for passing the exam.  But you are being tested only on your ability to teach parkour.

The instructor certification exam itself is two-part. The first part is a written exam, and passing the written is a requirement to move on to the next part of the test, the Practical Exam.

The Written Exam consists of roughly 100 multiple questions, and is administered electronically at our gym facilities under supervision of a certified instructor who serves as an exam proctor. The passing score is 80% for the Written Exam.

The Practical Exam requires a demonstration of teaching ability through drill instruction and form correction of a group of “students,” i.e., current instructors who will then give written evaluations of the instruction provided. It is administered by a panel of 3 certified instructors, who will ask for scenario-based training, will role-play types of clients, and will ask for you to progress and regress skills and techniques based on a target skill.

We are very aware that every instructor will have his or her own style; our instructor certification takes this into account by testing teaching effectiveness and offering detailed feedback instead of rote memorization of pedagogy.

If you’re interested in taking our certification as an “outsider” (someone who isn’t a current client of Urban Evolution, or who teaches at another facility), please use this form to contact us and we’ll work with you to schedule a test!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Earn your Green Wristband, then come find out, young grasshopper!