If you have a Groupon voucher, use these instructions to redeem your voucher and schedule your first class!

How do I redeem this thing?

First things first! Create a profile for yourself (and not your kids) using this handy link! Once you’ve done that, you can log into the system and add family members to your account. Then contact us with the Groupon voucher number. You can email it to us, take a picture of it, or just bring it in person!

When does this voucher thing expire? Does it start today when I buy it, or what?
Your membership starts from the first class you attend, not the day you buy it, and then it runs from the day you redeem it until it expires. There are no suspensions for these monthly memberships; it is for consecutive 60 days of membership. And the dollar value you paid for the voucher never expires! Please note that we do not process suspensions on Groupon memberships.

How old do I have to be to use this deal?

We have classes for ages 5 and up. Check out our classes list on the menu above! There’s no Intro required for the  PicoPK or NanoPK classes, but you can use your voucher for those classes as well.

I see a deal for an Intro and a deal for a monthly membership. Do I need to buy both if I want to do the monthly membership?
No, the monthly memberships include all classes, including the Intro classes!

Do I need to sign up for a class online? I don’t see a registration link for Living Social/Groupon / Buywithme, etc?
No! You do not need to sign up or register for a class online, but you do need to let us know you’re coming! Our online registration system isn’t geared up to automatically validate your vouchers yet. You’ll need to redeem your coupon in person (or, if you can’t make it in person, over the phone or via email) instead. So please check our class schedule by visiting the Location page for the gym closest to you (via the “Locations” option on the menu at the top of the page), create an account, and then send an email to with your voucher attached, and we’ll schedule you for your first class!

If you are interested in Parkour, we require that you take the 2-hr Intro to Parkour that is offered every Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 PM. We do offer weekday intros at both locations; please visit our online schedule to see which class might work for you. If you cannot make it to a regularly scheduled Intro class, email and we’ll figure out a way to accomodate your schedule.

If you are interested in UrbanFit, you’ll need to take the 1.5-hr Intro to UrbanFit. If you cannot make it to the regularly scheduled Intro classes, email and we’ll help you get started.

For all other classes (Aerials, Breakdancing, Gymnastics, etc) check our schedule at the gym location nearest you by clicking the “Locations” menu item at the top of the page and then choose the related Intro class to get started. You may want to register in advance, depending on class size limitations. Again, email us with any questions, and come redeem the coupon in person!

Still got questions? Check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” page and see if we haven’t already provided it. If not, just call us at 855-NINJAS1 or email us at and we’ll be happy to get you started!

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