Green Band

If you have completed at least three months of training and taken 30 White Band Parkour classes, you are eligible to test for a Green Band. Please note, taking the minimum number of classes does not necessarily mean you are ready to test. It means you are eligible. If you don’t feel ready, that’s okay—keep practicing!


LevelUp tests cost a fee of $30 ($40 for non-members) and are by appointment only. Before you schedule your test, make sure that you can do everything on the Green Band Checklist.


Students ages 9-14 must complete an instructor petition prior to testing. If you are a student in this age group, follow this process:

  1. Obtain a signature card from the front desk. Approach two instructors for review.
  2. Instructors will ask you to demonstrate random techniques from the Green Band Checklist.
  3. If both instructors approve, they will sign your card and you can schedule a Green Band test.


If the instructors do not approve, you should take time to practice your skills. When you’re ready, schedule a new test with the same two instructors at a later date.


If you’re over the age of 35 (401PK), not all skills are required to earn your Green Band. We’ve marked them with a * below. See the 401PK Green Band Checklist.


Green Band students demonstrate mastery of the following skills:

Strength & Conditioning

Technical Requirements

Wall Techniques

Rail Techniques

Stealth Requirements

Other Techniques


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