Green Band

– Student has completed at least 3 months of training AND 30 White Band Parkour classes before attempting the Green Band test.  Please note, this does not necessarily mean you are ready to test after taking the minimum number of classes.  It means you are eligible.  If you rush into the test even though you still don’t know the material, you’re wasting our time and yours.  Remember that our tests are voluntary.  If you’re not sure if you’re ready…then you’re not.  Keep practicing!

– A total score of 75% or better


Kids Ages 9-14: Before you can test, you must first complete an instructor petition:
Obtain the SIGNATURE CARD from the front desk. Approach two instructors for review. The instructors will ask you to demonstrate random techniques from the list below. If BOTH instructors approve your skills and believe that you listen well enough to practice open gym in a safe and responsible manner, then he or she will sign your card, and you may schedule your Green Wristband Test. If the instructor does not approve, you must then go home, review the material, and attempt to get the very same instructor’s approval at a later date. Here’s a printable checklist!


401PK (Ages 35 and up): Certain skills are not required to earn your Green Band if you’re over the age of 35. We’ve marked them with a * below. Here’s a different printable checklist.


Scheduling your test: Effective January 1 2019all level up tests cost $30.00. All tests are by appointment (no walk-ins!) and only after receiving confirmation of an appointment by emailing


Non-Members: If you wish to only do open gym without taking classes, there is a $40 test fee which we will apply to your Open Gym membership if you pass the test. If you do not pass the test, sorry…your money is ours now. But just because you have a black belt in strip-mall taekwondo, you’re a gymnast, someone called you to try out for Ninja Warrior, or your child “is a monkey” does NOT mean you (or they) are just going to breeze through a very technical and formal exam. We love it when people sail through our tests. We hate it when we spend our free time watching someone with a too-high opinion of themselves utterly fail at a test where we publish exactly what is expected of them in order to pass right here on this website.


Got questions? Call or text us (855-NINJAS1 / 855-646-5271,


Strength / Conditioning Requirements


Technical Requirements

Vault Techniques: Safety, SpeedKong*, Dash*, Gate, Thief, Reverse*, Easy, LazyTurn, Kash (Kong -> Dash)*, MonkeyPop Vault.

Wall Techniques:  Cat Leap to Top Out, Top Out to Cat Hang to Drop, Wall-Runs (1-step or 2-step*), Wall Gaps (Cat-to-CraneCat-to-Precision, Cat-to-Dyno to roll, Cat-to-Cat), Tic-tacs.

Rail Techniques: Circle Up / Circle Over, Rail QM, Pole QMMonkey Traverse*, Rail Walk, Shimmy Traverse, Sloth Traverse, Under-bar, Reverse Underbar*,  Rail Precisions*, Laches*, Molly UpsPole Cat Leaps, Rail Swing Bails, Rail Bails

Stealth Requirements



Misc. Techniques: Crane Landings, Bounding*, Foot Placement Sequencing, Dive Roll /Assisted Dive Roll, Vault BailWall Stall

Efficiency / Flow

Students will show two runs consisting of at a minimum of 5 obstacles: 1 Vault technique, 1 Wall technique, and 1 Rail technique, and a “meaningful” roll) on a course that the instructors will set up. The idea is to demonstrate your flow and efficiency, not show off your fanciest moves.

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