Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to get started, but not sure where to begin? Check out the video above!
First, pick a location nearest you!
Then, pick a program area (Parkour, Aerial Silks, Breakdancing, UrbanFit, Adult Gymnastics, Partner Acro-Balancing). You’ll need to start with the associated “Intro” class as a prerequisite.

Once you’ve been training with us for a while, you can test and attain Level 2, and Level 3, etc. We offer open gym privileges to Parkour practitioners, UrbanFit athletes, Acro-Balancing, and Aerialists who have attained Level 2 or higher. We do not offer Gymnastics open gym for safety reasons. For more details on testing requiremetns, visit any of our specific program pages (Parkour, Aerial Silks, Breakdancing, UrbanFit, Adult Gymnastics, Partner Acro-Balancing).


  1. PARKOUR: ages 4-5 PicoPK (no intro required!), ages 6-8 NanoPK (no intro required!), ages 9-11 Kids Parkour (Kids’ Intro to Parkour), ages 12-14 Youth Parkour (Kids’ Intro to Parkour required), ages 15+ Adult Parkour (Adult Intro to Parkour required) , ages 35+ 401PK (no intro required!)
  2. AERIALS SKILLS: ages 6-8 Shooting Stars, ages 9-11 Supernovas (Kids’ Intro to Aerial Silks required), ages 12+ Adult Aerial Silks (Adult Intro to Aerial Silks required).
  3. BREAK-DANCING: ages 6 and up (all ages require Intro to Breakdancing)
  4. ADULT GYMNASTIC: ages 17 and up (Intro to Adult Gymnastics required)
  5. URBAN-FIT: ages 17 and up (Intro to UrbanFit required)
  6. PARTNER ACRO BALANCING: ages 17 and up (Intro to Partner Acro-Balancing required).

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