Freerunning is a sister discipline to parkour, with a goal of complete freedom of movement. It is a way of expressing yourself through your environment by adding flair to your movements. Some people love to flip, so we have a separate class for it! Freerunning is learning to tumble, flip, and show off in the context of Parkour!


This style borrows heavily from gymnastics, martial arts, and parkour to form a hybrid discipline. Freerunners combine movements to perform acrobatic moves and visually pleasing stunts with a custom style.


With plenty of soft crash mats, spotters, and specific instructions, you will not only learn tricks that will make your friends stare in awe when you bust them out, but also develop explosive strength and body awareness that translates into other areas of your training.


Watch: Urban Evolution Parkour Gym Training


Tricking & Freerunning
The Tricking and Freerunning class at Urban Evolution focuses on the foundations of basic acrobatics, to help students conquer their fears and unleash their own potential for movement. The prerequisite is a White Wristband (or completion of the Intro to Parkour or equivalent experience), ages 9 and up. UE Freerunning classes consist of two levels. Start in Level One, then take a test to progress to Level Two!


Getting Started
If you haven’t already, sign up for Intro to Parkour. In this class, you will get familiar with the gym and learn the safety-related skills needed to join our other classes. When you successfully complete Intro to Parkour, you will earn a white wristband, which is a prerequisite for Freerunning.


What to Wear
Tennis shoes and loose-fitting workout clothes! You may be barefoot in certain sections of the class (on the TumblTrak or in the foam pit, for instance).


Ready for Freerunning?
You’re about to experience an amazing way to get fit. Once you have your White Band, sign up!

If you have any questions, check our FAQ page or contact