Kids’ Parkour Daycamp 2017

Incase of questions or difficulty purchasing – call or text 682-365-8281

*The “spots available” doc below is updated manually and hence may not reflect in real time the actual spots available- e.g. in some cases the doc may indicate 2 spots remaining; however, the camp may have already been sold out. We’re sorry about any inconvenience this may cause. We promise we’re working on making this more seamless!

Starting in June and running through September, Urban Evolution will host its Parkour and Freerunning Summer Day Camp from 1pm-5pm, Monday-Friday! Aftercare is available from 5pm-6pm at $20/day. All daycamp purchases are final; we can accommodate requests to schedule for another camp, but due to limited availability, we *cannot offer refunds* for daycamp registrations.


In previous years ALL SPOTS FOR ALEXANDRIA and most for  Manassas SOLD OUT, SO DO NOT DELAY IN SENDING IN YOUR APPLICATIONS THIS YEAR. Registrations are not considered final until we’ve received BOTH the application and payment in full(PAY & RESERVE SPOT HERE). In order to complete the daycamp application, you will need to use a computer on a network that does not block Google Apps (many government agencies and corporations with security concerns block Google Apps entirely; your home PC is usually a safer bet). Please call 682-365-8281 if you have trouble signing up.

Parents may sign up their kids based on the skill levels as stated here:

  • Beginners Kids (Ages 9-11)
  • Beginner Siblings (Ages 6-14)
  • Beginner Kids and Youth (Ages 9-14)
  • Beginner Nano (Ages 6-8)
  • Advanced Nano (Ages 6-8) – prerequisite 10 NanoPK classes at any Urban Evolution facility
  • White Band Kids and Youth (Ages 9-14) – prerequisite White Band at any Urban Evolution facility
  • Green Band (All Ages) – prerequisite Green Band at any Urban Evolution facility

Please note: Beginner camps are suitable for first-timers. The White Wristband is a prerequisite for all White Band level camps, and the Green Band is a prerequisite for all Green Band level camps. No exceptions! If you have questions about your child’s abilities based on experience at another facility or school, please email [email protected] ASAP to schedule an assessment so we can place them properly for the best experience for you and your children! Please call 682-365-8281 if you have trouble signing up.

Please call 682-365-8281 if you have trouble signing up.

We have limited availability for each age category, so don’t delay in reserving your spot today! Read our FAQ’s below!

**Beginner Sibling camp sessions allow siblings of different age groups to participate together. However aspiring ninjas without siblings are welcome as well. Beginner camp is for kids who have not done Parkour before or it’s been too long.

** White Band Camps are for aspiring Ninjas ages 9-11 or 12-14 who are  a) enrolled in Parkour classes or plan to before camp start date (will be verified) b) have taken a camp last summer (2016) or Wintercamp (2016)

** Advanced Nano Camps are for kids ages 6-8 who are currently taking classes (min 10)  or  plan to before camp start date (will be verified) b) have taken a camp last summer (2016) or Wintercamp (2016)

How much does it cost?

The normal price for one child is $399 for the week.  All purchases are final. We cannot offer refunds.

If you register between now and January 31st, 2017, you can register for the daycamp for only $149!  From February 1st until March 31st, the price is $199, and from April onwards it’s the full $399 retail price.  So don’t delay, get your application in and your registration early to save big bucks!

Your “spots available” chart shows more spots available, but the “daily deal site” I’m looking at says the week I want is “sold out.” What?

We allocate a certain number of spots for the daily deal sites at a promotional rate. But for some reason or another, a certain percentage of parents don’t redeem the deal they bought, don’t bother to follow the instructions on the voucher, or have other issues come up that prevent them from taking advantage of the deal we offer. So a week may be sold out on the deal site, but we may not have the registration materials for the campers whose parents bought the deal. We allocate spots on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t delay! Send us your registration materials quickly if you’d like to claim a spot!

 How do I register for a spot?

Please complete our online application, then register!

What if my child has to miss a day due to illness, injury, or some other circumstance out of our control?

The first day is critical (especially in the Beginner camps), and the skills we teach are cumulative, so missing a day can be a big problem. We’d rather your child get the best experience possible; it’s not fair to your kid or the other campers to try and get them caught up while the rest of the camp is still being taught. The more warning you give us, the better. Frequently we’ll attempt to move your child to another camp if they’re likely to miss class at the beginning of the camp. If they’re going to miss the last day, it’s much easier to let them “join in” with another camp, provided spots are available!

 Can my child do Beginner Camp one week and the White Band Camp the next?

Yes, in theory. In practice, the White Band Camps do assume familiarity with the techniques we teach in the Beginner camp, not just a grasp of the basic concepts. The camp will also move at a faster pace, and will be more “intense” overall. We don’t want kids to feel overwhelmed, so keep that in mind when you schedule them! If your kid is a go-getter who takes no prisoners and is really fired up about this whole Parkour thing, then yes, they can do the camps back-to-back.

I think we’re sold…what do we do next?

Please complete our online application, then register! If you have trouble with that, please call 855-NINJAS1 or email [email protected]

What are the cancellation and date change policies?

If you registered for a specific day camp week and need to cancel or change dates, we ask that you communicate  your schedule change to us at least three weeks before the camp date so we can adjust participant count accordingly. Email [email protected] with any changes or cancellations at least three weeks in advance. If you are unable to attend after a camp has already begun, we may offer you credit towards another camp or class offering. We do not offer refunds for your daycamp purchases. All sales are final.

Do you offer transportation services?

No, we do not offer transportation to or from the gyms.

What should the campers bring? What do they wear?

Campers should bring a light snack, any medications or allergy medicines, and comfortable workout clothes! Please, no open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops. Tennis shoes, sneakers, and running shoes are appropriate. We have free lockers for the campers to keep their belongings. A note of warning: we do have very friendly dogs who have full run of the gym, and who even work out at the gym themselves! If your child is allergic to dogs, or if you simply dislike dogs, please keep this in mind when registering.

I would like to come see the gym before the summercamp starts; when can I do that?

You’re welcome to check out the gym in person during regular business hours of Mon-Fri 12pm – 9pm and Sat/Sun 11am-6pm. We have a seating area / lounge where you can observe the classes.

My child is younger than 6 years old; is this something he or she can participate in? I’m certain he/ she’d love it!

No one knows your child better than you do. If your child wants to do it, and can focus in an environment that requires physical discipline for several hours a day, then he or she might do just fine. Ask yourself (and your child): do they want to do this? Are they prepared to work hard every day, for five days straight, to learn to do things other kids can’t do?

This is less a question of how much of a monkey your child is or how good they are at tae kwon do / rock-climbing / gymnastics, and more about how well they can focus and socialize well with others, particularly with older kids.

If you think they’re ready, then email [email protected] and we’ll meet them, get to know them, and decide on a case-by-case basis before camp starts. The earlier, the better; we will not be able to accommodate registration transfer requests after May 1st.

What can my kid expect at the camp? What does a day look like?

Each day our session will start with a warm-up and conditioning session led by the instructor geared towards making the camper fit for Parkour and other sports they might be involved in. After the warm-up, the camper will start off their day with Parkour-related techniques and progress through a specially customized Day Camp Curriculum by the Urban Evolution Instructors.

In addition to skill development, participants will take part in other fun activities and games, culminating at the end of the week with an obstacle course challenge or outdoor training (weather permitting).  In addition, the camper will learn key elements that will be applicable to all aspects of their life such as:

  • Solving problems and make good decisions
  • Approaching challenges creatively
  • Learning respect for others and their environment
  • Challenging themselves physically and mentally
  • Enjoying physical recreation and the outdoors, and
  • Getting a very different ‘out of the box’ perspective on how to stay fit, even as adults!
  • Learning the history behind Parkour and Freerunning

A typical day might look like this (note: this is just to give parents an idea what a day might entail; the timing and order of activity may change)

12:45-1:00 PM – Kids arrive
1:00-1:20 – Warm up
1:20-2:20 – Skill development
2:20-2:45 – Snack/movie time (Parkour highlight reels and video
2:50-3:20 – Skill development
3:20-4:00 – Parkour Games
4:00-5:00 – Skill development/ Cool down, stretch, and discussion about the day’s
5:00 -6:00 – Extended care for $20 per day. The camper will be joining the Kids White Band Class at 5:00pm


Extended Care: Available for each day of camp until 6:00pm. The cost is $20 per day. Please contact the Camp Coordinator at [email protected] for more details and to make reservations for extended care. You may schedule extended care on the same day you need after care. Please make sure to notify Urban Evolution about any changes regarding pickup authorizations, etc.

What is the pricing structure for camps?

$399 per session for 5 days of training, 1pm-5pm.

Urban Evolution accepts all debit/credit cards, cash, and checks. We do not pro-rate camps for kids who cannot make all days of training.
What are the payment Terms?

We require payment in full in advance of the daycamp start date to complete registration and reserve a spot. Failure to submit payment means you won’t have a spot!

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

Due to high demand for our camps, if you are unable to attend for any reason, we cannot issue refunds.  We will make every effort to reschedule your child into a camp with available slots, but due to space and time constraints, we cannot guarantee that if you cancel a reservation, you will be able to make it into another camp. Last-minute cancellations mean not only is your child unable to attend camp, but you’re also preventing someone else who really wanted to attend from coming as well.

Can I come watch my kids while they are attending the Day Camp?

We understand that parents want to watch how their kids are doing, especially with a new sport such as Parkour! At Urban Evolution, parents are most welcome to come watch! However, parents and family are required to spectate from a designated area (our comfy lounge / seating areas). We also have free wireless high speed internet access available for parents who wish to work while waiting and watching their child!


Thanks, and see you guys in the summer!