Class Schedule

Dance classes are available for ages 15+. For younger students, please schedule a private lesson.

Class Descriptions
Wondering where to start? Our dance classes are self-evaluated, so please feel free to join the class in which you feel most comfortable. We can always scale techniques up or down depending on individual needs. We're here to have a good time!

Learn basic fundamentals/steps of Hip Hop/Street dance such as step touch, bounces (back, front, side, side), grapevine, kick ball change, body rolls, and side to side step. Put together the steps into fun high energy combinations to Hip Hop music!

Ready to move past beginner level? Join our intermediate class to learn new skills and more advanced techniques, building on the skills learned in beginner classes. ** If you're new to UE, feel free to join this if you feel you are at an above beginner level.

Intro to Stage/performance
No longer challenged by intermediate classes? Join our advanced class to learn new skills and more advanced techniques, building on the skills learned in intermediate classes, working toward performing on the stage. ** If you're new to UE, feel free to join this if you feel you are at an above intermediate level.

Dance Freestyle Fundamentals
In this class, you will learn to step out of your comfort zone and work through the given tools to Freestyle. You will experience an environment valuing community and practice in a non-judgemental setting. You will build a repertoire of steps and movement elements to practice and incorporate into your freestyle!

Street Dance History Into Movement
In this class, you will learn about the history of Street dance and then learn to properly execute the dance styles movement accurately. You will learn about the founders and philosophies of street dance champions and creators and how their breakthroughs influence this underrepresented style today. You will leave each class with newfound knowledge and a deeper understanding of how technical street dance is and the place professionals in this style strive for daily!

Contemporary Dance - Choreography
This class is focused on learning contemporary combinations with basic fundamental technique and a different emotion behind it each week. Technical experience not required but recommended.

Contemporary Dance - Fundamentals & Technicality
This class is focused on the fundamentals on contemporary dance.  We will work through basic technique of the style and work on the movement quality that would be an asset to choreography.

Street Dance - All Levels
Street Jazz is a lively, personalized form of Jazz dance that focuses on movement that evolved outside of a studio setting "in the streets". In this class, we will follow a traditional jazz dance class format starting with a warm up, short overview of jazz technique, and a combination of choreography. This class is for all levels and great if you want to step into your confidence!


Where do I start? Which class is right for me?
Our dance classes are self-evaluated, so there is no introductory class prerequisite. Dancers with experience are welcome to skip beginner classes. If you are unsure, beginner/intro classes are a great place to start. You will still get a great workout and will be able to talk directly with the instructor afterwards about the best placement for you.

What should I wear to class?
No matter which class you are taking, your comfort is important. All of these answers are to help guide you feel confident in class, but the most important thing is that you are coming to class comfortable and willing to learn.

** Hip hop/street: Wear clothing that is comfortable to you, the clothes you wear should be what makes you feel loose and comfortable. Wearing tennis/street shoes are important to have to execute the grounded movements.
** Contemporary: In contemporary classes you traditionally see more form-fitting clothing. The class requires either bare feet, socks with grip (such as Nike or Under Armour socks), or a type of half sole shoe, no tennis shoes.
** Street Jazz : this class is all about confidence so wear whatever you want! Street Jazz students might get more extra and personalized with their outfit choices. This class is typically taken in street/tennis shoes or jazz shoes.

In addition to whatever you choose to wear, please bring a water bottle. We have a water fountain for refilling bottles only.

How old do you have to be?
Our group classes are for ages 15+. We also offer private lessons and private parties for younger ages. To schedule, please email us at

I have another question!
Please feel free to reach out to us at