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UE Parkour Competition
Saturday June 10

UE Parkour Comp emphasizes three aspects of Parkour with three different courses: speed, style, and skill. Athletes may compete in any or all three.


An obstacle course that will test your speed, efficiency, and agility.


Show off your flashy tricks in a competition of artistry, expression, and aesthetic.


This competition tests your mental and physical ability to overcome challenges from jumps to swings to vaults and more.


UE Parkour Comp has a kids competition and adult competition. Some portions run at the same time. The adult competition has two rounds each, preliminary and finals, and the kids competition has one round each.

Adults (ages 15+)

No prerequisites for adult comp

$15 for one (speed, style, or skill)

$35 for all three

Click here to register for adult comp

Kids (ages 9-14)

** Kids comp requires Intro to Parkour OR participation in the practice comp on June 4.

Click here for the practice comp registration!

$10 for one (speed, style, or skill)

$25 for all three

Click here to register for kids comp


PLEASE NOTE: Check-in begins at 9:30am until 10:30am. Please check in at this time so we can run things as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You are welcome to stay and spectate or come back before your comp starts. Please be ready and warmed up at least 10 minutes before your comp.

KIDS: We're hosting a practice comp on Sunday, June 4. Click here for the practice event.

9:00am: Gym opens for warm up/practice

9:30: Check-in begins

10:30: Check-in closes

10:45: Skill challenges revealed

11:00: Skill comp begins

11:30: Skill closes

11:40: Finish set up for finals + kids award ceremony

12:00pm: Adult skill final begin

12:20: Adult skill awards ceremony

1:00: Round 1 speed course revealed, speed practice begins

1:30: Speed round 1 begins

3:25: Kids speed awards ceremony + set up for round 2 of speed

3:30: Speed round 2 begins 

3:55: Speed awards + setup for style

4:00: Style round 1 begins

4:30: Kids style awards + set up for adult round 2

5:00: Style awards

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