What does "pay what you can" mean? How do I do that?
We want to encourage people to join us for community nights and know that cost can be a barrier for many. That means we do not charge any admittance fees or other costs to attend. However, you are welcome to make a donation for any amount to help us run more events that go back to the community. You can make a donation the day of the event or at any time through our online shop.

Can I come to one even if I have never been to your facility?
Yes, absolutely! We welcome everybody to the community! We will always have multiple coaches and staff on-site to make sure everyone is safe. Some specific events may have restrictions on age or may be open to current students only, so be sure to double check when you're RSVPing.

What kind of events do you host?
Community Jam - these are basically parties where you can come jump around on our equipment (Parkour equipment or obstacle courses). Aerial Silks will be open on a case-by-case basis based on coach availability. We also hold these outside when weather permits.
Movie Night - we set up 1-2 movies and provide light seasonal snacks (hot cocoa in the winter, popsicles in the summer, etc). Movies are typically PG-13 depending on turnout. With a wide variety of ages, we can play 2 movies in separate rooms.
Arts and Crafts - we provide supplies for various arts and crafts - painting on canvases, origami, etc!
Laser Tag - cut the lights and go to laser war!

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