Breakdancing…we brought it BACK.

Our experienced trainers will teach you the following:

  • The foundation and history of Breakdancing
  • Fundamental moves
  • Personal training to increase learning speed
  • Motivation, confidence, and team work (understanding the meaning of “Crew”)
  • Creativity; why unique personal moves are important
  • A no-excuses / never quit attitude
  • Battles / Competitions, Night Club breaking and performing

In addition:
B-boys and B-Girls (breakdancers) will learn to conquer any fears they may have about performing. You will learn how breakdancing can relate to life challenges and may help you tackle any obstacle that arises.

What separates Urban Evolution breakdancing from other dance schools is a “push your limits” mentality in a safe and controlled environment. We get you in shape so that your stamina is not an issue. We increase your physical and mental strength and we push your team work skills. We teach you not just how to dance, but how to use dance to be a better person.

Get motivated, stay motivated, and get fit! That’s part of the Urban Evolution philosophy!

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