Black Band

If you have trained for at least 12 months since taking the Intro class, and averaged and least 2-3 visits per week (with a minimum of 150 visits), then you are eligible to test for the elite Black Band. At this point, you should be mostly self-directed in your training, and be able to flow with your own personal style.


The Black Band test consists of the three categories listed below. Scoring is based on completion, cleanliness of movement, proper form, and ambidexterity (where applicable). Deductions are given for each individual mistake. Mistakes can be anything from a break in flow, to a hard landing, to bumping into something, to an obvious technical error.


Burpees (50 pt.)

  • 5 rounds of 10 burpees (50 total)

Conditioning (50 pt.)

  • 10 double-clapping pushups (12 seconds)
  • 3 fast wall climb-ups (12 seconds)
  • 1 front lever (body totally straight) (3 seconds)
  • 1 climb-up to overstack free-standing handstand pushup (from cat hang to pseudo-planche to handstand, no feet on box)
  • 1 single-arm chin-up on both sides
  • 3 static muscle ups (no kip)
  • 3 single-arm push-up on each side
  • 10 toes to wall (15 seconds)
  • 1 flag (strong side only okay, 3 seconds) (Passing = strong side 3 seconds = 8.5 points. Both sides = 10 points)
  • 1 dragon pistol squat each side
  • 1 rail balance pistol on each side at height (6’ or more)
  • 30 second single arm (unassisted) handstand, either arm
  • 60 second freestanding handstand
  • 5 second planche hold (extra points for straight arm vs tucked arm)
  • 5 circle-ups and circle-overs in 15 seconds
  • 3 elevated dragon flags (no contact between your back and the ground, trapezius contacts the pole to keep you up)
  • 5 hanging windshield wipers (1 = back and forth)
  • 8 single leg broad jump burpees each leg (jump with only one leg)
  • 5 archer pull-ups each side

Flow (50 pt.)

  • Floor is Lava (1 minute)
  • A-B-A (10 obstacles per route, 20 total)
  • Package Retrieval / Save the Baby
  • Gate Runs
  • 1 Minute Constant Flow

If you have made it this far and passed your Black Band test… Congratulations, you are a fully-fledged ninja.


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