Partner Acro Balancing at Urban Evolution!

candlestick -- intro


Acro Balancing is an acrobatic art that combines elements of adagio, yoga, hand balancing, and a smidgen of Cirque du Soleil. It’s great for building strength, flexibility, endurance, and trust in others! Classes consist of partner lifts involving a base and a flyer.

It’s one of the most fun ways to spend time! Our Intro to Partner Acro Balancing will teach you the basics of being a base and a flyer, some basic poses, and serve as the prerequisite for our Level 1 Partner Acro Balancing classes! There’s no better way for you (and maybe someone you like) to spend time together getting in shape! Come try it and see for yourself! Ages 17 and up. Click here for our class schedule to get started!

reverse thighstand -- L1

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