401PK: Parkour for the Wary Warrior!

Urban Evolution is one of the few places where people of all ages can learn and train in this amazing discipline called Parkour. Contrary to popular belief, Parkour isn’t just for reckless teenagers who want to get hits on the video they’re making of their friend jumping off their garage.

Parkour is a discipline, and an art form. The basic movements can be done by anyone in decent shape (“decent shape” in this case meaning “can walk up two flights of stairs without taking a big break and whining about it”), even those of us who are older than the “usual crowd.”

Our 401PK program is custom-crafted to help those of us who might have to take more care to preserve our joints. And it’s still just as much fun as it is for the younger crowd, and you can still move and act like a ninja with enough time and practice!*

We remove some of the impact and most of the stigma associated with Parkour training while introducing the skills and techniques for Parkour training in a low-risk environment.

Don’t believe us? Believe the Washington Post!

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*masks, swords, and other weaponry sold separately.

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