Class Descriptions

Family Silks – This class is open to ages 6 and up. No Intro required. Skills learned are basic foundational skills while still having fun.

Intro to Aerial Silks – This class is a pre-requisite for all Aerial Silks classes. Upon successful completion of this introductory class, you will receive your Level 1 wristband and you will be able to take Level 1 classes. You will learn the foundational techniques and skills to get you started on your Aerial Silks journey.

Level 1 Aerial Silks – Welcome to Level 1 Aerial Silks! You will learn a large variety of skills, techniques, and conditioning to learn our Level 1 curriculum. 

Supervised Open Gym – Want to practice skills at your own pace? Supervised open gym grants you the flexibility to work on the skills you want under instructor supervision.

Level 2 Aerial Silks – If you’re Level 2 in Aerial Silks, that means you’ve passed the Level-Up test and are ready for more advanced skills.

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